Which Replacement roof option is better?

I have had a few quotes for my house and would like some help. I live in Pennsylvania. My roof is just shy of 1500sq ft and not steep. The quotes are from master installers in their respective shingle company and would include tear off, and replacement with their respective underlayment.

The first quote that I received was for Certainteed Highland Slate and 50 year warranty. It came out to $11,300. Does not include plywood.

The second quote that I received was for GAF Timberline HD and lifetime warranty and came out to $5080. This would include 6 sheets of plywood since I know my back deck would need some.

Can someone please tell me 1) Why such a difference for a different kind of shingle? 2) Is that difference worth it considering id be able to replace my roof twice if I went for the second option? 3) On average, what would I be looking at for a 1500sq ft replacement roof since these two estimates are drastically different?

One seems kinda high while the other seems pretty low.

The Certainteed shingle is far superior to the Timberline shingle and Highland slate shingle is a designer shingle which costs more to begin with.

I suspect that the Certainteed roofers are using better more expensive material and they may have the added expenses of having their own employees as opposed to sub-contracting out the work.

IMO these bids are apples & oranges.

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For PA, the second quote sounds about right, $325 per square. Not sure why you would put a designer shingle on a 1500 SF house unless this is a multi story house in a high end neighborhood. If it is low pitch, purple sent going to notice out that much anyway.

$5,000 to $6,000 is the right range for a 30 year laminated shingle. All the master elite crap really doesn’t mean much in most cases other than the contractor puts that brand on a volume of their jobs.

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CertainTeed shingles are typically heavier which tends to be more durable - but I agree it doesn’t sound like an “apples to apples” comparison.

I think second offer is very lucrative, apart from being priced just right, it is coupled with the life time warranty, some thing really great and it is good enough for a 1500 sq ft space. Just curious does this warranty includes both men and material?

I too am a CertainTeed shingle Master installer and yes I will be impartial, if I was going to use the CertainTeed designer luxury style roof personally before I would go with a Belmont shingle over a highland slate just my P.O… Which is also a high impact-resistant shingle almost 3x the wieght of GAF that you can get a surestart 4 - 50 year warranty with 1500sq ft depending on the amount of current layers you should be around 10k
However you could also do a CertainTeed Landmark roof assuming you only have one or two layers to be stripped from the house now with the same 50-year warranty for approximately $8,000.

Now the GAF shingle you were quoted on is it GAF lifetime warranty shingle also known as T30 . Which carries a manufactures prorated 30-year warranty. Therefore if the GAF roof fails in 5 years they will only one to the materials at a prorated difference currently 15 sq GAF so at current material cost and depreciated value you will only receive about$1,300 towards warranty material and have to pay to have the roof remove dumped.

Now I have a few questions for you.
1- how long do you plan on living in this house when you sell the house do you want to try and utilize the roof and the warranty as an equitable investment tool - if so hands down CertainTeed
2- do either of the proposals speak of 3 foot of ice and water Shield past exterior wall, f 5 or better drip edges, a copper fold-over waist pipe sleeve and flange or forever waste pipe boot.
3-do either cover replacement 16 ounce copper flashing at chimney
4- MOST IMPORTANT have you gone to the CertainTeed website or GAF website and looked up the installers giving you the proposal with certainty every roof install the customer gets customer track record which gets filed on their website if you click on my company name similar to reading reviews from Angie’s List ,Yelp , thumbtack ect… however are properly vetted by the manufacture .

I hope I was helpful did not confuse you in any way shape or form and gave you all information you may be looking for

If you are concerned about warranties see if granule loss is covered and for how long, if someone tells you that granule loss is covered get it in writing.

Granule loss is very important for the longevity of the shingle and GAF shingles feature a high rate of granule loss, it’s a feature because it has been going on for over 25+ yrs and they have done nothing to remedy it.