Which roof would you recommend?

Hi. I live in Denver, CO and got hit by hail on June 19th. After 2 inspections with different adjusters my insurance company has increased the payout. I can either get Certainteed Presidential Shake IR or Presidential Shake TL (which isn’t available in IR). I guess I could get a similar shingle with GAF etc but in the research I’ve done Certainteed seems to be the best. I will get a discount on my insurance if I go with an IR roof. But it doesn’t look nearly as good as the TL. Logic and money lean towards the IR. I just don’t know if an IR roof would have held up in this storm. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All things being equal I’d go with the TL version.

TL stand for tri-laminate or 3 layers thick.

I don’t think a TL gives a crap about a little ole hail impact…

Expect labor to be more for the TL version.


Agree with Axiom. That’s a beautiful shingle.

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Probably the most difficult shingle to install in the correct manner. You need to make sure your contractor’s installers READ AND FOLLOW the installation directions. “Slapping them on” like a regular shingle will lead to disastorous results. Hold their feet to the fire on the install instructions. Ask them if they have ever installed a CT Presidential or Presidential TL. Go look at the work. If you see “zippering” on the CT Pres / Pres TLs they installed you need to find another contractor. Also, don’t let them get CT Pres / Pres TL confused with GAF Sequoia. They look very similar but are not the same shingle and have different installation instructions.


My roofer has installed both shingles many times. I saw them put up the shake IR on a roof last week. I agree the TL is beautiful but it would not stand up to this hail storm. The shake IR isn’t a bad looking roof. I talked to my roofer yesterday about impact resistant concrete tile. We need to see if my roof can handle the weight. I appreciate the quick responses. I’m tired of 6 broken skylights and need to get this thing done before winter.

If you’re willing to spend the money on concrete tile, look at the Brava Tile products. They would stand up to the hail, we have examples of it with ones we have put on.

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I would recommend looking at options other than CT. In my experience, they tend to degranulate excessively in a relatively short amount of time. IR shingles can save you some money off your premium and the hassle of having to file a claim in the future, and since Colorado is a pretty hail heavy area it makes some sense. In my experience, thickness matter is less than the quality of the rubberized additive.

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