Which shingle do you recommend?

I’m a remodelor and builder which means I’m locked in to certain shingles with regard to color and style in order to match existing homes. But on occaision we tear off entire roofs and replace . So I guess what I’m asking is which shingle company would you base a 10 year workmanship warranty . Base it on your average 5/12 to 7/12 pitches . Thanks

gaf,tamko,or certainteed—the workmanship will make the difference

Thanks for some feed back . I push the tamko heritage mostly . But here lately certainteed has been just a little cheaper . All depends if I have to match or not .

I just go with GAF or Certainteed, Tamko isn’t as popular around my way and I have no experience to speak on them. Certainteed is my favorite.

Thanks for the info. . We are always trying to find better ways to compete , just making sure were doing all we can out there . Up north that’s all we ever used was woodline and timberline series but down here it’s quite another story .

Tamko heritiage is the way to goooooo!

Isn’t Tamko like a Homedepot brand? I nailed them a bit in the New Orleans area and never cared for them. Crap load of glass dust on them too, gives you a nice itchy candy coating on those hot summer days.

As an installer I have always favored:

Owens Corning

IKO Cambridge dual black 30 yr.

Tamko are great shingle they also have a great shingle book to give to custumers Oc are good shingle to

you do realize you are the only roofer here that will install IKO :?

we only install G.A.F. or Owen Cornings…Tampco is junk!!!

G.A.F. or certianteed, certianteed is my prefered. I like to stay away from the others.

GAF 1# hands down , 2nd Certainteed, third was ELK but not anymore

We’re G.A.F. licensed and Certainteed certified, so of course thats are preferences, in that order, but i also like owen cornings…Elk is now part of G.A.F.

I have always put on certainteed plus if you are shingle master company they are offering the extended warranties now too

If GM made shingles I’d buy those otherwise Certainteed is the way to go if you’re looking for an incredible company.

I also like to support local economy so Pabco and Malarkey for Washington and Oregon.

If you get into commercial products check out Soprema. When you talk with a rep. see if they can get you the t-shirt that has an elephant riding a Harley.

i used to say malarkey now certainteed , i have heard gaf is best but they dont have a big market up here .certainteed and malarkey own the ak roofing !!

GAF and only something differant should my client request it. Otherwise is…

GAF!!! = )

[quote=“marshall exteriors”]

you do realize you are the only roofer here that will install IKO :?[/quote]

Why not?
I dont really6 care but what is whith the dislike of the IKO. Ive used them for years and never had a problem. None of the builders are complaining.
you must have had a bad experience with them.
Ive used other but i still prefer cambridge.
Ive had crews use 120 mph shingles and they blew off after a year. I dont recall the name of the brand but they were in a brown paper package.

IKO is well known for not making good on warranty claims, and yes there are a lot.
In New England they are strictly an economy shingle used by low end builders.
Although I did kinda like there Royal Victorian shingle but the problem was it was only a 25 year warranty, most roofers in these parts hate metric shingle and really dont give a crap about the less nails.