Which shingle?

hi all , im doing the roof on my house ( 4-12 gable roof ) and have to decide which shingle to use.i live in coquitlam british columbia and have the malarkey highlander , iko cambridge and bp emco harmony as my three main choices.i would like to hear some opinions on these shingles before i buy.
im tearing off the old 3/8 rotten plywood and replacing it with 1/2 so do i still need to use H clips with the 1/2?

i cant belive im saying this…but out of those choices i would use the IKO (which i think are junk. i would personally recommend GAF timberline, or CERTAINTEED landmark.

I will agree with marshall on this one. Malarkey is not the best either. Atleast the crap one contractor in my area has bundled for him from them. I do like iko… For all the money i have made in there terrible products and warranty.

thanks for the replies.do i need to use the clips on 1/2 ply?

how far apart are your trusses? 16" on center no. 24" on center yes. leave a 1/8" gap between the sheets or they will buckle. also it wont hurt to use clips as they will help give you a gap at top and bottom, you just need to remeber to gap the sides.