Which shingle?

I am a homeowner, reroof being done in September. Would you use Owens Corning Pro 30, or Certaineed Landmark 30? They are about the same cost, in my area. Looking to stay in home 5-10 more years. :smiley:

No question about it, Certainteed is better. Let owens corning stick to insulation!


There is nothing wrong with Owens Corning shingles.

BBB reliability reports, Owens Corning 27 complaints in 36 months, Certainteed 0 complaints in 36 months.

In addition to that, Certainteed sells far more shingles


There is nothing wrong with Owens Corning shingles.[/quote]

except they will leave black streaks on the north side of the roof within 4 years…use GAF timberline30 or CERTAINTEED landmark30

Certainteed landmarks

Certainteed Landmark 40yr, it’s only costs a little more. We don’t even sell 30yr here in Miami. 25yr or 40yr.

I haven’t seen a 25 year architect around here in a couple of years. Didn’t even know Certainteed still had them. I cant buy them even if they do.