Which shingles and vent system should be used

Hello, I live in south Florida on the eastern seaboard approximately 10 miles from the Atlantic ocean. My current roof is 20 years old architecture shingles with 4 inch drip edge and three box vents and is being replaced due to age and condition of the shingles.

Two questions:

  1. Should I choose Corning duration 50 year warranty shingles or IKO dynasty performance lifetime warranty shingles ?

  2. Should I opt for three box vents or one 12 foot long ridge vent?

My roof has a fully ventilated soffit,. I am looking for which venting system is less likely to leak not which one dissipates heat better.

Please note the climate is average of 90 degrees April through October and averages 55 inches of rain per year and is suspectable to frequent wind/tropical storms.

The IKO shingles from the plant that ships to your supplier could be different, but I wasn’t impressed with them the few I’ve installed them here (western Virginia). And IMO, a ridge vent is less liable to leak and looks better.


I would go with the Duration. Not sure where the 50yr comes in, but as far as the ventilation. I would opt for a good shingle over ridgevent with an external baffle system. I like the Owens Corning Ventsure. It sits low and has an interlocking system. Most of the shingle over vents, have a really poor wind blown rain deflector system. Not sure it’s of any consequence, but I think you have less chance of a ridgevent leaking than a box vent.

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I think if you did the calculations standard can vents would be better than ridge vent. If the pictures are accurate there is hardly any ridge line, as you said 12’. In this situation we would always use can vents. If a roofer can’t keep them from leaking he should find another job.

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Second what Tileman said. If your soffit is completely vented you likely won’t get enough ventilation from a 12’ ridge vent. Box vents or even a couple power vents would work better. For leaks I see more ridge vents blown off than box vents. Neither should leak if roofed right.

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Haven’t seen much new stuff lately, must be winter or something

Box vents no. Ridge vent with exterior baffle yes. Intake vent (Smart Vent) at eaves. Atlas Shingles with lifetime Scotchguard yes.