Whirly birds and stuff

on the back there is a stink vent so I figure now is the time to add

bathrrom fan for the bathroom
a vent for the kitchen
replace the stink vent with new parts and flashing Rubber or metal?

add three whirly birds, they showed me a new type that has no moving parts?? not sure but have to decide.

Are there preferred qualities or materials for all of these?

Guess basically I am asking about all that should be added now when it is reshingled.

If there is one stink vent from an original bathroom and another was added in a basement do you add another stink vent or do they tie in?? I have to go look to see if it is tied in or if they even put one in.



Lots of questions lately from you Warren! I’m only going to answer one of them. :mrgreen:

When buying ventilators and such, try to steer clear of plastic products as they are easily damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Not to mention, some will blow off and leave you with a hole in your roof.

Steel everything. :smiley:

They showed me a plastic vent today which is for the range as there is nothing for the kitchen stove, I held off, now maybe they are only in plastic but will ask tomorrow.

Than answer is what I needed.

Cerberus I am sorry for all the questions, partly my nature but also had a roofer who bailed after giving me his word. Now I have the home apart. He was the right person in terms of experience and sensitivity that it is not just a bang it together get out really fast job. Certainteed said rip the 7-10 pine roof boards so I do what they say. So am just trying to be somewhat conciencious for the lady who will live there.

I would like to be able to get through life and never ask, never rely on anyones helpl for anything, as it is I do way to many things however there is so much overlap in life things you learn in one craft, tools from one craft etc sometimes spill over to another.

Shingles were ordered and brought some back, happy to have found this site and you guys to point me to the Landmarks, set some in place today things are going to look much nicer than before, a bit more detail, a bit better colour and a bit of added definition over 3 tabs that were there.

So should I stop with the questions!!!



You know I was out there ripping did an end, the sun is shining, the weather is perfect not too cold or warm, and I was the happiest I have been so far. I just want to work, don’t like all this research time phone calls and and and, you work a few2 hours and you see a ton done, that is waht I like best. For the people I met so far that told me the solid wood roof would be hard to strip, forget it, it is a breeze they come off like nothing. I put the 16 foot car trailer on the lawn under close the house and they can be thrown right in, don’t have to walk to a bin

I guess you didn’t notice my smiley face. Naturally I have no problems with the questions, as that is what this board is primarily for.

Sorry I did not not see the happy face but then I am too busy being frantic and uptight in over my head. As far as it being okay to ask you may have just created a monster

Got half ot it stripped today, gorgeous day, pulled the car trailer on the lawn to each place I worked, put a tarp to protect the shrubs attached to the roof, very easy way off and straight into the trailer. Looks like half a roof weighs quite a bit, may make sense to not put it all in for dump but rather do two drops, 16’ car trailer that is getting old should have had it resproofed when I bought it.

A forklift driver started to talk to me when I was picking up stuff the other day, he said rip from the bottom up yoiu will get bigger pieces. I sort of went up and sideways at the same time, peeled off pieces about 18" wide by three or four feet. Shingles are so trashed, now in the warm sun they were warm and came up like butter. I tried for a bit having a kid pull the run when I was just using the ripped and that worked well but you end up with chunks that are just too big and heavy.

Once into the pine roof all boards feel loose, I bet they went on wet then move around, you can whack the nails in but it is clear they are not doing much unless they were countersunk deeper to grab fresh material.

I ripped the 8’ boards down the middle as per Cert manual. Then took my 1/2" crown 2" long staple gun and fired several into each board over the rafter. Total difference, board is tight and pulled down, staple heads are recessed a bit into the wood and since there is glue on the tips I think there is less chance they would pull back up as nails do, so guess what I am doing tomorrow besides replacing some of the broekn boards.

I read the cert manual last night and Aaron thanks for your thoughts on te drip edge. I did check two I have and one is straight and one is angled, one is painted metal and one is aluminum.

I called what I preceive to be the largest retailer in Ontario to ask about the drip and was told I had the wrong one. I drove down to get this solve and what they call starter I have heard called drip. Then I looked at the bill from another supplier and they yhave it the other way around, mentioned this to the lady and she said the terms are different in the US. I said I don’t care about the terms there are photos in the master manual and they are not lining up to what you are tellling me.

Too tired to look this up and get the right terms now, she says I have the right stuff but according to you and to the cert manual I have it for rake edge, so too tired for anymore fun tonight.

It has been sunny and clear here each day which I am thankful for, it is left uncovered tonight and in the morning there will be frost on the pine and then when the sun gets past the maple at 11:00 am it wil dry up quickly. Hope that is not too bad, since the roof was leaking the wood already felt a bit damp from the last rain. Tomrrow will lay out tarps which roofers don’t like but they are new heavy duty green ones, will be sure all nails are gone everywhere, sweep well a few times and even blow it off with compressed air so it should be clean then figure out how to do it so they pull fairly tight and all edges are well secured but can be peeled back to work on it.

Still a bit before I get to the drip edge and will ask about it again but will read the manual first and theck back with the supplier as well first.

Will save the whats life all about question for another time!!



My suggestion is this Warren. Tear off what you can replace in a timely manor. Do not tear the whole roof all at once. Hopefully you left the front alone where the dump is so you do not ruin new shingles. If not then you more than likely will have to remove the rest of the roof and shingle it last. Hope all goes well.

I tried to use common sense and it made sense to do the back first.


Now I thought one side and the front are leaking and I mean leaking I had water coming in on a hardwood floor in heavy rain last week twice. The first roofer said not to tarp he would fix it, he came dissapeared and so much for what people say.

I wont walk on the front, not even with carpets if it is done in sections, in fact if this home didn’t have a septic I could put the trailer out back so resigned there will be hand bombing and who knows it may line up that I hire a company and just have it all prepared, not what I wanted I wanted to work with someone and learn some new things, I love working one on one with craftsman, tool and die maker taught me tons, car polisher in LA the same and met the top car polisher up here near Toronto and spent time with him. Joy to spend time with people who have made a living with a craft for 30 years or more…

I had to get started so I did a side and 80 percent of the front, I did part of the back as well lining all of this up to two heavy duty 20 by 40 tarps with enough for overhang on both sides. My thinking was I have to get started, I have to repair the roof I think which turned out to be right and with the shingles off I can see the front exposed and do the facia, which of course will make Gweedo happy cause he won’t have to hear about it and me as well.

A friend will come today and I will cut away the broken corners, three or four feet on each side or maybe more, it will make it easy to locate the hip boards that were too short, scarf on and now support for the facia and more importantly replace the broken boards that were supported by air. I guess if I lived in LA the air could offer some support.

SO the sun is shining, today is going to be warm and mild in that respect it iis a perfect day.

When I think of all of this I freak however when I break it down to solve one thing at a time it is fine, too bad about rain and cold weather though.

Thanks again and when I do look at the manual the samples they gave me the top supply place and the manual are backwards so will have to sort that out.

I do have one question though and will put it in a seperate post later. Now just took an advil cause some muscles are complaining, want to get fit dont’ go to the gym, do some roofing and be out in the fresh air.