White residue on a hail mark?

Anyone know why there would be white residue on a hail marking (30 year comp). This lady said another roofer got up on her roof and gave her a bid a few days ago but she wasn’t “comfortable” with him. I’m not sure if it’s hail or not but there is a lot of it. Guess the adjuster will decide what it is…never seen anything like this before.


i’m gonna say that its probably chalk.

This is definately not chalk. There are no circles around the hail markings and I was there just days after the first contractor was up there (and it didn’t rain). I’m gonna try to post a picture soon. Feel like I may be wasting my time bec. if this isnt hail the ins co. may not pay for it (plus, i dont want to get blamed for anything). I’m tired of these squirley characters giving us bad names.

Maybe he had a golf ball in a sock, and was beating the crap out of the roof.

did you not take pics?

Sounds like perfectly placed piles of birdsh**.Them pesky birds pulled off the direct hit…,talk about a smart bomb.,maybe it was the ol’soap in a sock method.
(artificial hail damage)Give er a whif it might smell like “irish spring”.Who knows what these geniuses will come up with. :smiley:

It could be on the North slope were hail hit the shingles cleaning the algea staining off it. Seen in many times. It’s like the hail cleaned the shingles in a bunch of little spots!

IMO, this don’t effect the life of the shingle unless it either pounds granuals into the mat, breaks the mat, or takes granuals off the mat. Of course in 5-15 hits per test square per insurance requirements.

Been on a few roofs that another contractor said there was no hail and the insurance paid for it. Also been on a lot that the other contractor said there was damage but I couldn’t find any hail hits. Now blisters and the like that’s another story!

I would venture to say it is a mechanical impact.It sounds like from what you described it is a white powdery look from crushed granules. Hail does not make those kind of marks.

Pulverized granuals could cause a white color which would not be caused by hail. Anytime you have crushed granuals and they are smashed in were there rocks themselves are crushed it’s anything but hail.

Been on roofs with soft ball (3.75-4.25 inch) hail and have yet to see the granuals pulverized.

The Hagg book has nice pictures of what hail does and doesn’t to shingles.

meteor shower?

golf ball in a sock

Zinc blooms from old algea resistant shingles?

Can you post a few pictures?