Who are you?

Surprisingly enough the visibility of the internet many people hide behind abbreviations and nicknames. So I will start this up with a selfie and some more about me. It sure would be nice to put a face with the name on here so feel free to join in.

More about me. I’ve spent a little over a year trying hard to quit roofing and part of doing so I’ve stayed on other forums not pertaining to roofing to keep my mind busy.

Well, I had a great go of it- set up and ran a gutter business from 0- 250 or so jobs in less than a year- sold the business to a competitor and drifting back into roofing as soon as this snow disappears.

I go by Roofcheck. When I found this site a few years ago I was in the process of moving home from Charleston, SC to Barre, VT and knowing I’d be roofing when I got here. I moved back for a job- with a company called Vermont Roofcheck. Worth mentioning, I did not “click” with this guy and I don’t work for him. The owner, 43 years old died of a heart attach the same year I came back and Company was liquidated by his partner/ father. I bought the name and the phone number verbally and to my surprise so did the foreman from the company. Crooked deal that dad to say the least. I kept the number however the name was never transferred over to me. So I keep the name, as a reminder and well, because it’s cool. Lol.

So that’s about me, how about the rest of you?

Secret society?

Nah. My pic is posted all over the web, so I ddin’t bother. Still doing historical properties and specialized jobs.


Just my usual self. I work till noon or even 5 and then write proposals or do inspections.

Tinner, tell me you don’t really wear a beer shirt to work?
You crazy!

I’m betting he is does and without question, he is a bit crazy. LOL But he’s also incredibly good at what he does, so he can get by with it.

Looks like a roofer to me (tinner)

Sometimes, I dress up. :smiley:


I joined today because I’m in the process of ‘legitimizing’ my day-job into a business. Almost every google search I’ve made over the last several days for various roofing business related inquiries has yielded at least one result in the top 10 from this site! So, I thought I’d introduce myself. Unfortunately, whether it’s a new account limitation or a current issue with the site, I cannot upload a profile image. I created a 250x250 .png but I continually get the following error message: The supplied upload directory does not exist or is not writable. Any ideas what’s going on?

Anyway, I live in Ontario Canada and I’ve worked for a local small roofing business since 2005, owned and operated equally by 2 brothers. One is turning 60 this year, the other 61, so I thought it prudent to begin looking into securing my future income! We deal almost exclusively with asphalt shingles and one ‘local’ materials supplier. The business has only been operating since '03 or '04 but they have garnered an exceptional reputation throughout the area and surrounding region. The material supplier is quick to recommend them even though they only maintain a small crew comprising themselves, a son, and me. During mid-summer months they hire their university enrolled nephew as a gutter tender, shingle supplier, and general site cleaner-upper. However, because of their age they are beginning to shy away from jacked roofs and big jobs, like 40+sq. They have also started later and finished earlier over the last couple years.

Over the last several years I have done many jobs on my own, primarily for friends and family, so I have somewhat established myself in the area as someone willing and capable of doing most jobs. Since I was usually doing them for cash and my overhead was essentially zero, I could provide extremely affordable rates. Now that I’ve registered my business things are getting more complicated, naturally. But, it’s very exciting and it’s a great industry to be in.

I also have a close relative that works for a local construction company that does new and renovation construction, so I’ve become their lead roofing contractor which has provided a lot of work.

I’m in the process of obtaining an accountant and lawyer. I’ve recently registered my own website which I’m ‘building’ myself, along with getting business cards printed that I designed myself. Workman’s comp and liability coverage are the next big steps but I’ve already started the procedure for both. Lastly will be classifieds, both printed and electronic.