Who do we contact to get jobs

My husband has 10 plus years in roofing jobs. He has came up with his crew looking for jobs. What type of insurance do we need to get? How do he go about getting homes to do with his crew? Please any advice will be greatly appreciated. He has been without a job for 2 months. Knowing its slow at this moment. Located in shreveport.

I started by going around to job sites and talking to people about doing their new construction.

If you do quality work word will spread fast and within 6 months you may have more work than you can do.

Lumberyard salesmen can be your friend in this endeavor.

This will give you a base to start from then you can start to break into the re-roof market.


Came up from where? Is he licensed and bonded?

He is not. We are looking into all that. Any recommendations on a good insurance.

You would normally get General Liability Insurance, but a lot of states do not require it…not sure about Louisiana. You might just consider getting a bond…much cheaper. In Arizona, licensed contractors are in need for every job totaling $1000 or more, but our state does not require insurance, but it is in need to prevent mishaps. We do need to have a bond of a minimum amount of $7500, and they are very cheap and easy to obtain. I think I pay a couple hundred dollars a year for this coverage. I would also recommend obtaining an LLC. or something similar to minimize personal risk. Do good work, be honest, and don’t be scared to sell the homeowner what they need…I beat the cheap guys all day, every day by selling the customer piece of mind -at a premium price. Good luck! -Dan https://azroofwork.com/

Thank you so much for your response. You gave me some good information God Bless.