Who has the best metal roof system?

As some of you may have noted in my previous post, i am having roofing issues, and I am looking into metal roofs as replacement option.

Does anyone have any comments as to which product/system is better than another? I see there is Galvalum vs gavlinized, Kyner/Hynar coatings vs Alurite (FABRAL), 26 ga vs 29 ga, just to name a few…

Every company seems to have their reasons why the are better then the next. So I was curious as to what your opinions may be. I live in Syracuse, NY, and it’ll be installed right on the roof deck. Style wise i have looked at the Grandrib 3 plus style from FABRAL.

Thanks for any input,

The limited things I know about metal roofing is this:

–Hidden screws or standing seam are better; why put a hole in a perfectly good piece of metal?

–The lower the ga. number, the thicker the panel (& the harder it is to cut by hand with snips).

–Thicker panels (that are properly installed) can in some cases & depending on state laws & / or your insurer provide for a lower premium in relation to wind storm, + a lower deductible should you actually have to file.

–I don’t know about New York, but here in Texas metal usually costs a minimum of 2-1/2 times more than shingles.

–Labor is much more specialized & with shingles, I might cut one in 3rd’s & be able to reuse the bits; not so with metal.

–A typical gabled roof starts with a 10% waste factor on shingles, 15% for a hip roof.
Metal starts with 15% waste on gabled roofs.

–White metal roofing has been shown to be the most energy efficient product you can have in relation to reducing your heat signature.

–Some might suggest leaving the old shingle roof on & going right over it; I disagree for everyone in general & you in particular due to the buckling issues noted on your other thread.

Hope that aids you in your decision process.

thanks for the reply.

I will be most likely pulling off the old deck and replacing with 5/8 and would put the metal roof panels right on top of the deck. I don’t like the idea of going over the shingles, especially for my buckling issues.

For asphalt roofing, i have gotten quotes that range from 15 to 22K (includes new deck, approx 40 sq roof). If I was to buy the metal roofing and do my own install, I have gotten prices of 2.15 to 2.40 per linear foot (3 ft wide panel) so that equates to roughly 4K to 5K for my roof, plus another 3K to 4K for misc items and a new deck. My father is a sheet metal worker, so we are very familiar with metal and I am pretty confident that if I do enough research/homework I can tackle the install without issue.

I am now trying to make heads and tales out of which manufacturer has a better system, (ATAS, IDEAL, FABRAL, etc). Opinons/experiences would be greatly appreciated on this…

I would imagine 29 ga would be sufficient in my case, since it will be directly on the roof deck. Any comments on this?

Good points on the % waste, and fastening systems.

Sure, the best metal roof in my opinon is a 20 oz. lead coated copper double locked standing seam roof. the falshing details on nonsolderable metal roofs are always there Archilles heel.

mr syrman,

29 is thin.

and ditto ranch hand except first line.
all those screws thru the metal in an exsposed fastener system, oh , they just keep your roof from
blowing off in high winds ( sorry im in a hurricane
zone, and standin seams dont do very well).


The standing seam roofs all survived the hurricane in the Cayman islands, most other roofs did not.