Who pays to replace rotted decking on a roof replacement?

My client has a claim to replace his roof. They approved a roof replacement but are denying replacing the decking because it was damaged from rot and not from the storm that damaged the roof. I can’t replace the roof without replacing the decking. Who is responsible to pay for the decking? Their insurance is USAA in case it helps. Also, the ridge is crooked (sunken in in one section) and they’re denying that as well. Who would be responsible for that? And last, they refuse to pay for ridge cap separately. They insist 15% waste on the shingles will cover it.

Any help/advice is appreciated.


Homeowner pays for everything.
If they are able to get insurance company to pay for some of it, good for them.


Most policies do not cover rot. If your contract is with homeowner…then as roof lover said…that’s who’s responsible for payment. If they don’t like your price tell them to sub it out and you will return when its ready. Most folks don’t want to wait and will get more agreeable when its gonna hold things up.

Insurance companies will not pay for rot, but if they have code coverage on their policy some municipalities have a code stating roofing must be adhered to solid decking. Here in Nebraska, we have a city code which states that “All new roof coverings must be installed per the manufacturer’s written instructions or the 2006 IRC Chapter 9 as amended by the City of Omaha, whichever is stricter.” That allows us to get the roof re-decked under code requirements pretty much every time if they have bad decking.

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Typically the cost of new decking gets passed on to the homeowner. We installed two roofs last year that had large tree limbs that had hit the roof and cracked a few pieces of decking, the insurance companies both paid for only the damaged sheets. When we sign up a new homeowner, we are matter of fact about the condition of the decking. We get into the attic to inspect the decking from below. This allows us to give the homeowner a pretty accurate count of sheets that may be needed. We allow for up to 4 new sheets on us, the rest our homeowner is on the hook for.

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