Whole house fan venting into attic

Hey again, roofing pros!

I’m buying a house that has a whole house fan vented into the attic. I was reading old forum posts here (I’m addicted – so much knowledge!) and ran across an old thread about mold and a whole-house fan. The overwhelming consensus was to remove the whole house fan to avoid the extra moisture in the attic.

Are whole-house fans vented into the attic generally a bad idea, or just in certain situations?

I was planning on at least seasonally covering up my new fan since I prefer the central A/C and precious few days here in NE Kansas lend themselves to its use anyway. But now I’m considering taking it out all together.

The attic doesn’t have much ventilation – just soffit intake vents (3’x4") every 10+ feet (total of 8 on the house) and two simple turbines for exhaust, only one of which still spins easily (attic is 24’x41’, 4-12 roof). No gable vents or the like.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Whole house fans work great, as long as there are enough vent portals in the attic to dispel the excess air thrown into it.

You do not have enough, with so few ans so small of intake vent louvers, so for it to properly move air, which is necessary to inhibit mold, you need more attic ventilation.