Why Allstate Fears "Dumb" Roofing Contractors

ALL Allstate personnel, like us, are supposed to deal fairly, and in good faith, with their clients, who can be at a disadvantage to know what that means for them individually after a “loss”, especially when they are stressed out and want to get their nest/lives back.

However, as you may know, by their so-called loss claim “adjusters” support, their idea/definition of “fair” and “good faith” conduct is kinda’ like the mafia’s idea of ‘presenting an offer that should not be questioned’. (Brooklyn accent optional).

When I was on the www.catadjuster.org site a short while back, a (dishonorable) adjuster made a remark about roofing professionals being “Roof Monkeys”.

Well, OK…but in the context it was given it was not a playful jab, it was a demeaning comment intentionally meant to hurt another, both mentally and emotionally.

To me, it was just a comment that was based on certain insurers and their adjusters fear of honest roofing professionals showing them up to be corrupt.

Yep, “dumb” roofing business professionals who speak up create sleepless nights for ones who make their living off the insurance/indemnification theory business.

Nationwide, and ESPECIALLY in Texas, insurers and their supporters fear common contractors, that can expose them for what they do to the general public.

They fear that our construction data, showing up on their so-called reconstruction / replacement “estimates”, or “adjuster summary”, can be easily used against them to prove how they cheat people in various ways.

They fear their data can prove roofing, etc. construction component damage by an “Act-of-God” they recognize in one part of the country, but deny as damage in another part of the country, being exposed.

They fear their construction methods and pricing estimation methods will be exposed for contradicting historical, empirical and irreducibly safe local & regional construction business methods.

Yep, dishonest insurers and their supporters fear, greatly, “dumb roofers”, for many, many reasons, especially regarding market conduct discovery, and public disclosure of that conduct, that affects their livelihood, reputation, peace of mind, and all that that means, in a local and worldwide economy.


I’ll tell any potential clients the way it is. What is the way it is?
It seems that the insurance companies would rather pay storm chasers and an army of illegals to do your roof, rather than pay a lawyer to fight your claim. They simply want to get the roof done quick, cheap and have the homeowner take the money and sign off.
Then if there is a problem it is between the homeowner and the contractor who has just -ooops- left town


I agree that certain “storm chasers” can leave an area, and their temporary clients, their commissioned salespeople, and suppliers, short changed. They can also make it hard for local contractors to be trusted by their local market base.

On the other hand, local contractors can do the same thing, and honorable traveling contractors can help an area raise construction craftmanship and rates to sustainable business margins. They also help the population / economy back onto its feet faster then if only local contractors were available for the volumnous workload.

One should not have to scrape by financially in a very dangerous and needed occupation that provides a property, and, especially, the inhabitants, a critical “umbrella” of protection.

A larger issue in Texas is that Allstate, State Farm, Safeco, Farmers, USAA, and the TWIA is infamous for releasing a tidal wave of so-called “adjusters”, carrying false/misleading damage assessment messages, construction production protocols, and construction component loss cost “estimates” to their clients in post-catastrophe markets.

Essentially, the tidal wave of “adjusters”, bringing synthetic loss value “offers”, that local contractors keep running into, can have the desired effect that Allstate and others seems intent on creating, which is to make contractors NOT want to deal with them, and to wear out the contractors’ trusting/frustrated clients.

Allstate is clever about trying to create fear fires, and keep them stirred up by trying to make contractors and homeowners fear them, per their size/connections.

Too bad for them they can’t control truth from surfacing, or people that value truth above money.

It seems Allstate people fear common thinking people, in their market, waking up to their business schemes, and the entrenched economic and judicial danger that those schemes place around them–and that’s why it seems to be improtant to them to try to (continue) to discredit and control their own clients, and legitimate contractors, “disputes”.

It also seems that they are now, begrudgingly, fearful slaves to their own “profitable” designs.

I agree claimhawk that there aren’t enough local contractors to take on a catastrophe. That’s why even the utilities help each out.

However, a minor, let alone an average hailstorm, is hardly a life or death situation

I second that.

lots more!!!

[quote=“twill59”]I agree claimhawk that there aren’t enough local contractors to take on a catastrophe. That’s why even the utilities help each out.

However, a minor, let alone an average hailstorm, is hardly a life or death situation[/quote]

I agree Twill. But it is not the size of the hailstorm. windstorm, etc. event that seems to matter to Allstate.

It’s about how fast they can get their so-called loss claim “adjusters” into and out of your market and leave behind, with your neighbors, “adjuster summaries” that contain false/missing damage assessments, misleading/missing construction protocols, and false/misleading dollar amounts owed.

The more “dumb” contractors that Allstate, State Farm and others run into, that stand up for their construction business market, their family, and their neighbors, the more they run the risk of being exposed for business practices that can cost them dearly, even jail time.

Since 1992 I’ve seen enough of their shameless anti-consumer and anti-contractor treatment of others that it appears that, like other big business entities, it’s just a matter of time before their own actions fully expose them for what they truly represent.

Can you imagine how they treat their clients and contractors in countries that openly allow corrupt business practices by big business?