Why are my nails going it crooked?

I bought a RN46 Bostitch and I can’t get the nails straight. I line up the shingle adjuster to me shingle reveal and lay it on the shingle. It shoots it crooked. Are you supposed to just get the feel for this thing to shoot it straight or am I supposed to rest the base on the shingles when fired?

Once again, I am and always have been a hand nailer. But if/when I use guns I hold the trigger down and slap the deck with the gun.

monkey say good.
you listen to monkey.

and yes it is a gettin use to thing.
move the gun around in different postions,
find the postion best for u.

also, old pine planks will sometimes leave more crooked nails than plywood.

it is good that u are concerned.


limp wristed???

hold the nailer to the angle of the roof so it is going in so the head of the nail is flat

I got the hang of it. Damn it’s 10 times faster with a nail gun.

it is???

I knew it would be faster, but not by this much.

thats probably because you werent a proficient hand nailer 1st :wink:

Cuz your nailer sucks and its not a hitachi.
I have a couple nailer doing that. Im not totally sure but i just get en repaired. Hitachis are the least expensive to repair and the best shooting gun i have come across. They are a little bit heavier then other nailer but they shoot straight and nice and crisp.

we have a few of each.my preference is because i think the bostich are better on hardwood.they are more stout not as heavy.on the other hand, the Hitachi is the cadillac on plywood.jus so smooth and the gun will fire as fast as i go. go faster than fast and bostich seem to trip up.(jus be good enuf to keep shingles straight at same time) production seems to increase alot.
also have a Hitachi Pro-Tacker(button cap nailer)SWWEEETTTT!!! cut labor way down!

have never had a problem w/ bostitch guns,it`s the arm holding it,hitachi tend to shoot thru the shingle more

  1. make sure the table holdign the coil is at the right height

  2. next time buy a funnel tip Senco

I only like bostich for power driving on ridges

Its the nail,its the nail…its crooked

Did you buy the gun new or used?

Check the driver on the gun. If its worn ever slightly on one side it will not EVER put a nail in straight. Replace the driver

I agree with the Tar Monkey…Put the gun down son…just put it down and walk away

Hammer and Nail only


well roofin buster doesnt like bostich.
the old bostich does out-weight the hatachi.

i myself have both.

the heavier bostich is good for old 1x hard wood.
and i like the hatachi on plywood.