Why commission only sales reps

Why is this industry commission only? Going over sales reps pay and activity it seems like there is a far disconnect with sales reps thinking they don’t have to work in the off season or people calling themselves “sales” reps when all they really do is take a order from a customer and its insurance proceeds. It makes more since to me instead of allowing these “sales” reps to make a commission, giving them a good salary with bonuses for doing things that bring in business. This way you can control them on a day to day basis and you could attract people who are more of a worker then a entrepreneur because it seems to me that the reason their are thousands of roofers is because a sales rep believes he can make more money by starting their on business but giving honest quality roofers a bad name because they don’t understand how to run a profitable business and cut corners

Give that question another try. Are you talking about manufacturers’ reps or salesmen that work for a roofing company? You seem to miss the point of a commission only sales rep. When your livelihood depends on money generated from sales, you tend to be a little interested in making sales.

  Well there are two problems with that ideology. The first is that I agree with you your head strong entrepreneurs will do great with a commission only set up but what about the other 99% of people? Do you not give them a job? I think thats what wrong with this industry because you alienate those who like security. Plus you cut into your profits if you "profit share" Think where walmart would be if they had "profit Sharing"? I can tell you that 7 of the Waltons wouldn't be in the top 10 list of Forbes every year. 
  I was talking with Rodney Webb and even he said that of the 300+ Owners who attend the Owens Corning Platinum Conference (You know the best of the best of Roofing Companies), Only 1% of the owners had a net worth of over $10 Million. To me that is pathetic also there was another Owner who was talking to Rodney with me and he was proud that in 50 years he only had 4 employees. Does that make since? 
  I just think that this industry would be more stable if it changed they way they saw Sales Reps.