Why did roofer not re-install all ridge vents

Just had a re-roof in Florida I Paid 4. He did not install ridge vents same length as old ones and didn’t install any on porch roof. Contract stated 60’ ridge vent and he did only 20’. They were gone when I got home which wouldn’t matter none spoke english. The photos with B4 in name was the Before and AFT are what new roofer did.Would only allow me to post one photo.

First one is AFT this is B4

This is the porch B4 and Aft if it allows me.

Wouldn’t allow so aft is next

This is AFT on porch they had the extra ridge vents on site and left them for pick up the other small ridge not shown only had one 4’ placed on it. I think in Florida I need all vents can get. They just finished yesterday.

If the contract stated 60’ and you got 20’, you then need to resolve that difference with the contractor prior to settling the final bill. With respect to the front porch, your images leads me to assume you do not have an attic area to vent as it is wide open, is that correct? If there is no attic, what would be the point?

Time for them to come back out.
They were wrong.
Need two more pieces at the top ridge.
And all the other ridge too.
Totally out of line.
Such incompetence would make me question
everything else.
Looks like you need 7 more pieces(28 ft worth)

Your porch is soffited on the bottom of the rafters, all the way up. You need that ridgevent in Florida or it may mildew. Here in Texas, ive seen them turn paint black in one year.

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It will also retain heat and bake the shingles prematurely if it is closed in.

If they used AirVent 2,which comes in 4’ sections the instructions are to stay back 2-4’ from the ends.

As for the porch, looks to me like the soffit is decorative and it has exposed deck, so wouldn’t need vented.

Should certainly square up with the contractor with what was installed vs quoted, but I wouldn’t jump to incompetence yet just based on these photos.

Sir, there was already ridge vent on the front.
The hole was already cut out
They shingled over it.
and it was in the contract.

And no, 4 feet from each hip looks like dog dookie.
Total incompetence!

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