Why even deal with the insurance company?

Is there even a need to work with an insurance company? I mean, yeah we can meet an Adjuster and determine scope of work, but at the end of the day who really cares what the adjuster scope of work and pricing comes to? Lately I have a just been signing contracts for the full amount with the homeowner and it becomes a done deal. Supplements are just change orders with the homeowner’s approval. The contract is between me and the homeowner, and in this instance I couldn’t care less to deal with the insurance company. It should be up to the homeowner to get payment for the work done as their contract is with the insurance company. If insurance doesn’t pay, then homeowner can take insurance company to court.

Ive had an insurance company send out one of their “preferred contractors” after we completed the work to get a comparative bid and the insurance company uses their pricing to finalize the claim. Another company tell me they don’t pay O&P on exterior work even though there’s 7/8 trades and a ton of coordination. Quite frankly, I’m sick of dealing with insurances. In my opinion, I think this is how it should be done. Does anyone else do it this way and just X out working with the insurance company?

If you can find Customers to agree to working in that manner, it should mostly work. Most Homeowner’s aren’t wanting to get that active in a battle with the insurance company, they want someone to provide a turnkey solution. You should definitely do what works best for you. Where did you learn to spell Messiah by the way?

Since posting this we’ve tried this tactic with 15 new clients and so far each and every one is on board. Basically, we sign a contract (zero insurance language on contract) then all supplements are submitted as change orders. Insurances try to call and “negotiate” but essentially we say we already have a signed contract and we aren’t negotiating. Insurances have approved these change orders to the penny. Why is this not just the standard? Life has been a million times easier without trying to haggle.

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That sounds great. What are you going to do though when you inevitably run into a job where the insurance refuses to pay your change order? Make the Customer pay it?