Why put drip edge so tight?

Just wondering why roofers not all but alot will slam that drip edge so tight to facia that it can be tough to get the gutters under it.Could you leave a 1/4 inch or even an 1/8 inch gap or is there a reason why you don’t?

because a lot of guys dont think that far ahead… :mrgreen:

Not my problem once I leave… ha no usually we pull it away a bit.

Ya but once you squeeze that gutter under there it almost holds itself up till you get the fasteners in. :slight_smile:

yeah they do stay up once you shift,slide ,push and beat it up into place lol not really complaining much just wondering if there was a real reason

because most roofers arent gutter guys, and dont care about the gutter guy. lol

End of the story.

you bastards lmasso So this post will make everyone think of the gutter guy now…And pull it tight as your laughing and nailing it down. :twisted:


Actually, I’m thinking about putting nails on top, and on the side now. :mrgreen: