Why would insurance company send another adj out?

Hi Guys my name is Erykha and trying to learn well the Roofiing industry. After getting ripped off by a couple companies as a sales rep i descided to do it for my self with very limited resources Thank God i came across a state farm agent that wanted me to help with his claim well adj bought roof gutters not down spouts a shed and stain total job amount 22000 4000 deductible but i send the supplement for ice and water down spouts window seals and o&p so another 12000 i called today and they said they were sending another adj any thoughts concerns or suggestions please

There is a separate insurance sub-forum where there are some very experienced & knowledgeable people that can help you.

It would serve you well to peruse the entire sub-forum since pretty much any question you may have has most likely been addressed.

Most times that you submit a sizeable supplement, SF will send out another adjuster to evaluate your request. Your situation is not an exception or cause for alarm.

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