WildFire Smoke and flat ceramic shingles


I am an appraiser for the policy holder on a soot claim and they have flat ceramic shingles and had a Wildfire less than 50 feet away from them. I did not see the property for about 3 months after the wildfire. I was wondering what if any damage would soot (Acidic) and other products of incomplete combustion do to the moisture barrier underneath the shingles? Do you all think its reasonable to detach and reset the flat roof shingles to clean the soot and inspect the moisture barrier?

I’m not even sure what ceramic shingles are. Do you have any more details?

I think they are concrete shingles actually.

Asphalt shingles are imbedded with ceramic granules meaning one can make a stretch and claim asphalt shingles to be ceramic shingles. Ceramics can be clay pots or roofing tiles or panels placed on the outside of the space shuttle as a heat shield.

I think the adjuster is referring to the clay pot left on the asphalt shingles while reroofing the space shuttle.