Will a cricket fix this problem?

I am currently under construction on a new home and noticed a gable dead stops into a bedroom wall for 12 feet! On the plans I didn’t think it would dead into the bedroom so drastic. I am wondering if another roof design is needed or cricket will help. It seems like a terrible architecture flaw! I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Looking at the home into on the right gable that is shingled Roof dead in Gable | Flickr

One would hope they are waiting for the roof sheathing to be put on before framing in a cricket. Architects who have never done roofing are like some game designers- “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”

Yes they are waiting sheathing before framing cricket. My architect is no help so the framers are the architect at this point! I had no idea. Any suggestions on materials for lasting results in the cricket?

Difficult to understand the area, but if im correct, the framer is going to add a pizza slice into that area. It"ll redirect the valley and keep the wall from being a dead valley for 12ft. Its in the front of the house, so i would put leak free first, but trying to keep appearance .