Will I have problems if I use old shingles to roof a house?

I found a deal on some shingles but they were made in 1997. will they be ok to use? They have been stored in a barn and the owner said they are not stuck together.

Define “ok”.

I don’t think the sealant bonds will work anymore. I wouldn’t do it. You can try by setting out a couple of shingles in the sun, laid out as they would be, on your roof. I still don’t think they would have any serious wind resistance.

if they were stored in a barn… which gets VERY hot… and they arent stuck together, there is about a 95% chance that they wont stick together once on your roof either.

if you owned a high dollar sports car… say a brand new corvette Z06. you paid $80,000 for it, and want it to operate at its maximum performance all the time, would you buy some old tires that have been in a barn getting dry rotted for almost 15 years?

I would have to agree, especially if they’ve been sitting in barn and aint stuck…

Are you putting them on your house or a customers?,1997 is a long time to be sitting anywhere.

And how is the seller able to say they are not stuck?,Has he/she opened each bundle individually?

Your call but I would choose something else.The issue would be warranty and the seller (I am sure) has a “All sales final” attitude.

I have always liked the idea of warranties with products.That is IMO extremely important and a huge risk IMO to take.

I would not use them, definitely would not put them own my own house thats for sure. I like Gary’s idea to test them out if your really set the idea.

Run Forrest Run! Why were they not used in the first place? In all reality may be perfectly fine but why chance it unless they are free and you are doing the install yourself?

Trade secret here: Check the very bottom of the pile and open up the wrapper.

Bad idea…

Don’t let famous fool you for a second. If you pay him $45 per square plus a six pack of Fall City, he’d be over at your place in a heartbeat to pound on those old shingles. With 2 or 3 nails per shingle somewhere within a couple of inches of the nail strip, they’ll last at least until you have a stiff breeze.