Wind damage claim. Shingle not available. Insurance only paying for one slope

Would appreciate any advice on my situation summarized below.

Cat wind event damaged primarily south side of my 14 year old roof. The shingles are designer organic IKO’s. Insurance company wanted to do repair after sending out CAT adjuster. Being the shingles were discontinued (went the ITEL route for testing) they now want to do south slope only. This is about 25% of my total roof.

I reside in NY and as I understand this is not a color match state. Am I stuck with whatever shingle I can find for that slope?

This is a large house I am concerned this is going to destroy my resale value. The back of my attached garage is at a 90 degree angle facing the south slope. This is going to look ridiculous.

In addition the adjuster damaged the east side of my garage and part of the north slope (he couldn’t reach it all due to pitch) during inspection. Significant amounts of material missing from the shingles. I can see where he treversed the slopes. Are they responsible for any of that?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you

They are responsible for the damage they caused. Find a reputable, insurance competent contractor to help you or a reputable public adjuster. Matching may not be required but in most policies, uniform appearance is.

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