Wind damaged shingle?

We had a bit of a windstorm here in CT last June, some shingles lifted a bit, the adhesive on some quit and the bottom edges can be pulled up. The nails are intact, no lift there.

One question is this a warranty item?

Do the shingles need to be resealed with some spot adhesive?

The roof is 3 years old, architectural 35 year product.

If the wind was under the manufacturers warranty it would be a warranty issue more than likely.

If the blow offs were due to a faulty installation it would be an installation deffect.

If the blow offs were due to wind being more than the warranty allows it would be an insurance claim or fix out of pocket.

If the shingles have not come off you should be able to apply a little tab of tar under the shingles and press down and be done with it.

If it’s only 3 years old and a 35 year shingle they shouldn’t be blowing off. Of course a 35 year laminate makes me think of a brand they sell at Monkey Menards which I wouldn’t put on a dog house. Keep in mind a 35 year shingle has no insurance value over a 30 year shingle. It’s only a marketing ploy.