Window Dormer Water Diverter Question

Hey guys, I have yet to see this water diverter on anything but my home as of today. The roofing contractor said that the dormers are best done this way.

My wife and I are not happy with it as it looks not so appealing.

They are at the bottom of the window on the left and right.

My wife drove through our neighborhood and found nothing like this. I haven’t even found anything on google images that resembles anything like this.

heres another pic.

they have something similar from where the second story roof comes to the 1 story extension roof.

Gutters haven’t been installed yet either, just an fyi.

As you can see, they are horrible at caulking.

But according to the caulking guys, they have been doing it for 30 years and they do million dollar homes lol.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the way they did the flashing it’s unsightly but will work fine.

I see your roofers don’t like to screed their caulk.

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Sloppy work, IMHO. Must not like using the wet finger.

If we are not happy with the way it is we should be able to make them redo it right? i mean, we haven’t made the last deposit, only the initial down payment.

i think it looks unprofessional and i have still yet to see any dormers with the flashing stick past the corners like mine.

While they could have done it in a more visually appealing way they did have the right idea when they did the corners. It is better to actually divert the water away from the corners. Then you aren’t relying simply on caulk in an area that gets quite a bit of water flowing down it. I’m quite a adamant on doing this type of thing on slate and other long term roofs, shingle (short term roof) not as critical though.

I did a quick search and found an example of a very high quality flashing job (not done by me) showing the same concept.

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interesting post, thanks a lot. i really like that you said they could of done a more visually appealing method.

i agree that diverting water away is needed but it should look good. especially on a brand new complete tear off of a roof and window dormer job.

i must say that the pitch of my roof is insane, i can’t even walk on it. obviously its shingled so I’m wondering if we really needed the diversion in the corners like you said.

Flashings are most likely to leak to at corners. Bringing the water as far past the corner as possible is necessary on every roof to minimize future issues, regardless of pitch

The caulking job could be cleaner.

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Ok thanks for the input guys. Was just confused because I have never seen it.

hey guys, forgot to show these pictures. to me it looks like the siding in the corner (almond colored) didnt come down far enough so he tried to hide it with caulk?

what do you guys think?

im also worried about that gap because of snow build up in the winter time. wouldn’t snow get in there?

Provided the flashing behind the corner is done properly you’ll be fine. That’s what truly keeps the area waterproof, not the corner itself. But yes i agree that its a bit unsightly. When you hired this company did you get any other quotes? What made you choose this company? If they were one of the cheaper ones I’d say you got what you paid for as your “issues” are mostly cosmetic. If they sold you on being the best and promised you the whole world in their instilation I’d say you could make the argument to have some things changed.