Window replacements Question

i am supposed to measure side by side-from jam to jam?
the top poart is also called a jam(top jam) and the bottom is the sill?
so basically the frame is comprised of the 2 side jams,one top jam and a sil?
thank you

I’m not window guy & for the most part we’re roofers here on this forum @, however Marshall Exteriors does siding & windows so expect him to help you with your jam***B*** issues…

Also, what kind of siding (brick, Hardie, vinyl) you have may affect you jamb design or how you should measure your jambs (especially how you should weather seal them).

you will want someone to see your window opening in person. if you mess up the measurement you only have one shot. once you place the order of the window (which could cost hundreds) you cant change it. have a local contractor look at it. or sometimes the road salesman from your local building supplier will come and measure it.

i just want to know for personal reference guys. thanks

you need to measure the “rough opening” and subtract 1/2"


You also need to know how the supply house orders the windows. They will tell you how to measure them. Some order takers assume you are measuring a certain way. Then order it wrong.

what is the “rough opening”?

not to sound like a jerk…but if you dont know that, then you should never touch a window. are you a contractor or a homeowner?

troubled homeowner; long story.

give us more back ground on why you are asking these questions. are you having trouble with a contractor?

Taser we have time what seems to be the problem???

yes. i need to be informed. feeling duped.

Ok lets pull teeth now. HOW what when in what fashion why do you feel that way about what how much.


U R funny. :smiley:

tell us your problems and concerns and we will tell you if you have been duped.