I am aware this is a roofing site, but you all have had such good advice in the past I was wondering if I could ask for your advice one more time :D. I know I know, but my wife and I are young and were very trusting in this company (Ryan Hones). the issue we are having is that the windows leak like crazy. If you place a candle on the window sill it will almost go out when the wind blows. The windows are Patriot windows and there is always about 2 to 4 inchs of water droplets on the lower sash and the upper sash where the windows meet. Is this from poor sealing of the windows? Or just poorly made windows? They are single hung windows, double pane with low e and argon gas inside. the temp in the house is 68 degrees, and the humidity is at 50%.

ARGH…Another Ryan Homes problem…

Low E w/Argon is the way to go. I have never heard of Patriot windows, and cant find them on Yahoo search either. They must be cheap…especially if Ryan used them.

If the window is installed properly, it should sit square in the hole. You can check this with a level or measuring from corner to corner.

If the window sashes are gapped evenly, then it is probably the window itself. If they dont look quite right, then its probably the installation.

If you are thinking about replacements down the road, consider Wincore. All of the good people left Simonton, and started this company a year ago. They are awesome to deal with, and offer great prices!

Good luck!

If i remember right that window is made exclusively for Ryan Homes. It is built to achieve a certain price tag. Ryan homes is the “WAlmart” of new homes. They dictate to thier suppliers and builders how much they’ll pay for items and labor. In North East Ohio they lowered prices on every new home by 10k or more. From What I understand They do have decent after the sale service. Escpecially if the community is complete. How old is your house? I am sure they have had this issue several several times. Your best bet is to contact them first. I’m positive there is no insulation between the window and the rough opening. The seal on the panes may not be coming in contact with each other or with the frame.


I purchased a Ryan Homes in SE PA in 2003 and have had nothing but problems with it. From leaking windows, doors, to a/c condensate issues. The windows that Ryan Homes uses are Patriot windows made by MW Windows and doors ( When you look at the performance data for the windows, the R-value for them is really low indicating they have poor insulating values. Ryan marketed these houses as energy efficient, but upon investigation the windows used in my house (the cheapest offered) are not even energy star rated for that area of the country.

An interesting note was that the manufacturer placed a silent recall on our windows shortly after the house was built due to a seal issue allowing for moisture to penetrate and become trapped between the two panes of glass. When we talked to Ryan Homes about this, they replaced them without questions. If you don’t complain, they leave them. My house is now 4 years old and they are still fixing leaks in my house, most recently due to a leak in our kitchen from, you guessed it, faulty windows and bad flashing on the roof.

Hope this helps and good luck. You will need it.

Patriot Manufacturing
PO Box 498
Hammonton NJ

they are a PLYGEM Company and they make 3-4 different grades of window.

the problem with new construction single hung vinyl windows is that you can’t just order a replacement window, you have to deal with the entire wall application, siding, trim, splines etc.

sorry to bring you bad news but at least you have someone to call.