Wonderful quality of coil rooing nails-manufacturer

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you can keep those cheap china nails & stick em where the sun dont shine! ive had a messed up right eye for 3 yrs. cause of them cheap things! a pc. of the wire that holds them together messed up my damn hunting scope eye! they jam up & rust twice as fast. thats what happened to my eye, pc. of that feed wire rusted in my pupil overnight!

LMAO :mrgreen:

Just like all the other quality products that china
produces. Yeah… right.

exactly tlok, you hit the nail right on the head! only thing good coming out of china is all that cash the obama administration is borrowing.

i thought all the nails were made in china :?

Bostich and Hitachi nails…China

its just not a good site to sell stuff.
and ide leave the china part out next time.


gweedo, i dont know where there all made. im talking them no name ones.

To be frankly, there are lots of nails factories in china and most of nails are imported from china. There are small factory who can not promise the quality. But we can!!! We can send our samples for your test~~~ If you are interested in nails business, pls contact with me freely!

Sign me up for the free samples. Usually takes a whole box to really tell.

By free do you mean we only pay shipping? That might cost a bit.

You make them in China.

Then sell them to the Chinese man.

Yes, young grasshopper

mr buildingnails,
your typin, would leave one to believe your of asian decent. are you ein us in another country?
its mostly individual roofers at this site.
your looking for roofing supply companys.
try contactin ;
abc roofing supply.
bradco roofing supply.
gulfeagle roofing supply.
suncoast roofing supply

eya later.