Wood or something exposed where roof comes to gutters

I see this after a new roof install. It is in the front and back where the roof comes down to the gutter. It doesn’t look right. Thank you!

When I zoom in, it appears to be either termite damage or rot to the fascia. I would say it’s time to detach the gutters and inspect. I don’t think this has anything to do with the roof install, but you should ask the roofer where your drip edge is?!

This was done by a certified GAF installer. I know I don’t see a drip edge? He claims the drip edge only goes on the side. This is the front and back of the house. Honestly this doesn’t look like wood. I saw the roofer guys carrying this thick yellow foamy stuff like goes on the bottom of flower pots and this stuff looks like that. It there is rotted wood or it needed something why the heck would he not have told me that and given me an estimate to do things right? I don’t understand. To me this looks like crap and doesn’t seem good to have this exposed like this.

That is most definitely termites, now that I see the other picture. Not the roofers fault. Hire a carpenter to replace the fascia.

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It is a recent install so it is the roofers fault for covering it.

Certified Gaf installer means what again? Ha ha


Did the roofer install the gutters?

I would have noted the rotted fascia in my proposal. If I didn’t see it till the dripedge was removed, I would have told you about it and given you a price to fix it. A certified GAF installer would have known, drip edge is required on the eave. The rake is optional. The fascia going up the rake, has rot on the end also. They knew it was rotted and left the drip edge off because of it. That’s my feeling. Next thing. Certified, means you paid GAF to advertise you are certified. From the looks of it, the guy who was certified, wasn’t on your job. I’m not bashing you the homeowner. GAF claims only 2% of contractors are GAF certified…That’s because 98% didn’t fall for it…

Just a disclaimer. I install a ton of the new Timberline HDZ. I like the tight granules and the eternal wind warranty. I like the look of it. I’m old school. I like the Owens Corning Duration, TRU DEF… When I bash GAF certified, it’s because the purchaser thinks they are getting a more knowledgeable install. it’s simply not true.


no the gutters were there. The roofer is a reputable big roofing company and also does exteriors. I don’t know why he made no mention of this or what was needed. I wasn’t trying to cheap out on anything. Now he says he can give me an estimate to replace the fascia. It is probably the original cheap wood from the 70’s I just want the house fixed right and look good. I got a nice new roof with the crappy rotted wood showing wth?

I have no clue why he didn’t tell me and give me an estimate to fix it. I wanted everything done right. He has an an exterior business so wth. I guess I should now have the facia replaced. Is it best to use trex or something or wood and covered? I’m guessing some sort of new gutter is in order as well?

If the termites on your fascia are that bad I imagine you’ll be repairing rafter tails, get a bug guy out before you do anything.

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Maybe check the foundation, termites come out of the ground usually.

At my company, all woodwork is included in the price and that includes fascia board.
We would remove and re-install the gutter if there is rotten wood to be replaced
I dont want any unhappy customers.
(Those are my sales people)
Its my job to discover this rotten fascia at the time of proposal and to charge appropriately.
I’m guessing you are not too happy right now.
I’m guessing you are not planning on referring him to others…even if you do hire him to fix it.