Wood shake treatment

I have 4 fairly large estimates to complete for cleaning and treating fair to good condition wood shake roofs. 3 at 35-40 squares and 1 at 20 squares. 8/12 pitch.

Question: What is the best way to treat wood shake roofs without power washing?


Thank you.

Checked out the link but would like more than this.

Does anyone here work a lot with wood shakes? There are tons of shake roofs here.

We do a lot of cedar roofs but they are done a little different on the east coast.

I checked out your website and saw some nice pics. I am going to add treatment of wood shakes to my arsenal but have some hesitations because I don’t want any big time mistakes like a customer unsatisfied with the way the treatment turns out.

From my research it looks like the best way is to let a bleach solution go to work to make all the shakes color more even. Make sure the debris is out of the keyways and blow away as much dust and dirt as possible. Then apply treatment.

I haven’t offered to do the first step with the bleach solution because prep work and treatment really starts to add up on these big houses. I am concerned uneven darkness will be obvious and the homeowner won’t like it. This could be serious trouble. If I do the bleaching step sticker shock will be even worse.

How is one most successful at helping the customer maintain the cedar shake roof with the right balance of all the elements?

treating a roof is like painting a house. the fist step always is to wash. the loose fibers,salts,moss, ect. must be washed off first. then TWP is a good product. it can be applied with a pump sprayer. always use a boidegadable cleaner!!!

Ill tell you what be very carefull about cedar roof treatment. I dont recommend treatment at all if the roof is speced right. I use green shingles not kiln dry. and you could never ever get treatment in all the joints and headlap area. A woood roof is meant to absorb water infact three times its weight. Cedar is a natural decay resistant wood on its own. remember use all vertical grain bureau stock, cedar breather and stainless ring nails.