Workers Beat the coating off of my metal roof with sticks

How common is it to beat the old coating off of a metal roof with sticks rather than to scrape it? What a day, first they come with six workers and no scrapers so they just stand around and finally the roof coating comes but they have nothing to put it on with. I assume when they bring the coating they brought scrapers too. They were banging on the roof for about 30 minutes and then it got real quiet. I thought they all left. Several hours later I went outside and there they all sat. They said the roof was ready to coat but they didn’t have anything to put it on with. They tried a broom but it was going on to heavy.
The sad thing is I had an estimate for 4000.00 but I went with this roofer even thou his estimate is over 7000.00 because I thought he was more professional and would do a better job. What a fool I am. Oh, I looked at my security camera tonight and saw how they were just beating the roof with sticks. We went up there and it is not half way scraped and all of the loose pieces are still there. They were here all day and all they did was beat the crap out of my roof for 30 minutes and didn’t even clean it up. I can’t imagine what will happen tomorrow. Can I get out of this mess??

I dont know a thing about coatings, but it doesnt sound right to me.I’d call the owner first thing in the morning and tell him your concerns.Also may want to call the coating manufacturer.Ask for their tech guy.Ask him to give you exact procedure for putting on the product and make sure the crew follows them.good luck-Ray

Hey instead of roofers you should have gone to the zoo and got some monkeys and gave them sticks they probably would have done a better job. :smiley: Like Ray said Call the owner and let him know. Believe me sometimes the owner is the last to know what his crew is doing or not doing.