Workmans Comp. what a nightmare!

I have been a roofer for thirteen years. Always making someone else money, first lesson learned. I just took my residential roofing exam,I am opening buss.accts. in my company name. However liability 1 million no problem, 2 million work comp. 22 insurance companys denied me. Yet the state requires it ( I require it ) Any one know aside from no history of having work comp policy? No kidding I am starting a bussness for the first time why would I have had a history of having it. I want to run a legal, across the board company, not some hack no insurance lic. or bonded made up empire, I do now see why they do it because of the denyal. Then i have to have my throat cut on every est. I do because of these hacks. ( $ 10,000 job the do for $ 7,000.00 Why you ask because they have no overhead such as work comp or general liability for that matter oh but it comes with a warranty, yeah homeowner you will see that warranty like you saw and verified there insurance policys. Shame on you Homeowners you are just as guilty because you know why you saved that $3,000.00 dollars. You get what you pay for remember that, when it leaks don’t call me. To everyone who runs a respectable legal company Thank You for making money the right way you earned it! Hang in there things will get better. Thanks for being my soundboards to vent my wife is tired of hearing it!

welcome to the nightmare :?


If the state requires you to have insurance, and you can not get it. Then the state will issue you insurance.

You need to ask your Insurance Agents about the State High Risk Pool, which is for High Risk, otherwise non-insurable companies and start-ups with no track record.

Find out which insurance companies and agents that the other roofers in town are using and contact those companies.


:expressionless: What state are you in i got my comp and for a 30,000 pay roll they want 8600, 4300.00 down and the rest in nine monthly payments

Do you guys really pay that much? In ontario for workers comp we pay $12.98 on every $100.00 that goes through the payroll.I thought that was outrageous.

search Total Payroll Management out of Florida

hahahaha…NY state, after all the hidden (territory fees and crap) it works out to be $51 per $100

In P.A. it is $43.00 per $100.00,after a $2500.00 d.p.,and balance paid in the next 3 mo., and a minimum of 30K payroll…and since the state does not require that subs carry comp. you can now cover yourself even if not inc.