Workmanship guarantees

Hi everyone. I’m new here to this forum as a homeowner seeking advice. I have quotes from three contractors for different types of roofing materials. I have alot of questions, but my first one is this: Why would a roofer guarantee workmanship on a dimensional shingle for 5 years and a premium shingle for 10 years? This makes no sense. It sounds like he’ll take less care with a lesser expensive shingle. This can’t be right, could it?

5 years is probably the average workmanship warranty for your area.

He feels that the higher grade, longer manufactuer warranteed product also deserves a longer workmanship guarantee.
Nothing wrong with that…

I agree.

Manufacturers warranty their “50 year” products longer than their “30 year” products

The other thing is that whatever craftsmanship warrantee you offer, you are signing up to be called when there is any problem wih the roof AT ALL. Not that all the calls will be your error and responsibility to fix, but you will still spend time investigating the problem, sometimes proving the problem is not your fault, and it can be hard to get compensated for this lost time. With a higher grade shingle, the roofer has more confidence in the product and is willing sign himself up for that responsibility for a longer period.

[quote=“BAMBAMM5144”]I agree.

Manufacturers warranty their “50 year” products longer than their “30 year” products[/quote]

I figure the difference in a 30 year to a 50 year is the quality of the shingle, heavier based tar, thicker fibreglass, more granules etc, am I right?
Which would lead me to believe that a 10 year workmanship warranty would entail a better installation than a 5 year warranty.

5 yrs. is probably more meaningful than 10 yrs. anyway.

After five years (some might say 2) it is likely just a number on a piece of paper

Thanks for all of your responses. I can’t imagine the composition roofs lasting that long where I am anyway. It was 105 today and I had the comp shingle sample boards lain out on my driveway. They all got hot and when I put my hand under the shingles, they were actually a little gooey. I could pick quite a bit of the asphalt off with my nails and it was soft.

A workmanship warranty is only as good as the contractor.It does you no good if hes out of biz.5 yrs is pretty standard where I am.If you don’t have problems with your roof in 5 yrs,chances are the workmanship is fine.I know if I went out of business,I would still honor warranties.But I guarantee I am in the 1% that would.

what kind of materials are you getting bids for? in my opinion ELK gets way softer faster then Certainteed. all materials do get soft in that kind of heat so not to worry about that. thinner shingles will get hotter faster though. just make sure that when you do get your roof installed that they dont walk on the roof in high temps and they should know to pull off till temps drop to complete the installation. major damage can occur if they dont.

I totally agree Gus jones. I do 5 yr warranties and my big competitor does 10 and they always try to use that against me so I say you are getting and honest 5 yrs with me anything over that is just a number. I personally think 10 yrs is just way to long for a workmanship warranty on shingles anyways… the standing seam etc that’s a different story.

I really think that any major issue will show up on the first good rain. Then, I think any workmanship errors would show up within the first year or so.

I supply a 7yr Superior Contractors Guarantee From Date of Completion. Seems to work for me.

Just go with the absolute best roofer you can find.I usually give 5 years on comp and 10 on metal and clay tile.Good luck-Ray

My Father used to tell our Customers after the roof was completed. “We will warranty a watertight roof installation untill the first rain.” :shock: was the look I saw everytime then he told them he was just kidding. We give a 10 year warranty If somthing was overlooked it will show up the first rainy season.