Workmens Comp Insurance

Does anyone purchase Workmens Comp one job at a time? What is the going rate in illinois for Workmens Comp?


well i had to go thru the state board in indiana cuz insurance companies wont write companies without 2 yrs of exp with workmans comp. i had to pay for the whole year and the cost was $75 for every thousand of payroll paid out but I had to open a minimum of $1000 so at the end of the year I will be audited and if I pay more or less payroll it will be adjusted thats what I was told. So for a thousand dollar premium I have to keep my payroll under I think 14000 for the year that will be hard lol

in NEW YORKi can only get comp. through the state board and its 6000 a year per employee for roofing.

I got a couple grand back,it was a nice surprise,believe me.

It’s a “no-brainer” to me

Ski,hope your weren,t mis-lead,but here in Indiana w/c and gen lia is going to cost you a min of 18 percent per hundred

No I wasnt mislead I pay 75 dollars for each 1000 of payroll for workmans comp


He is probably not insured for roofing. Some agaents will tell you, you are covered for roofing. This means you can do an isolated repair now and then. If this is the case you can not do a whole roof.

Sounds more like the rate for siding.

Well why don’t you guys look into it and get me the correct insurance since I don’t know anything and then when you are done with that can you do some estimates and my book keeping and in between that I have about another 15 squares left on a tear off and about 11 squares left to shingle on a 10/12.

Here in michigan i think our rates ar 18 dollars per 1000 on liablity and 45 per hundred on comp. I could be wrong on those numbers it has been awhile since i delt with that.

Ski - last I knew Indiana was in the 15% + range on roofing work comp. And the pool isn’t the cheapest place to get it.
I am guessing that someone sold you a carpenter’s policy. I would double check, or check w/ another source otherwise when your audit comes, you could be making up a huge difference in dollars

I stand corrected. As of 1-1-07 I will be in the State of Indiana pool as a roofing contractor. Paying Roofer’s rates.
The state rate is 11.36%.
My mod rate 1.7 that puts me up to 19%
other charges & surcharges put me @ 25% almost exactly for 2007

you guys all suck!!! NY i pay almost 50% :cry:

Illinois pool is about all you can do unless you have the buku bucks to be self-insured.

I am paying 36.8%. It starts at 39%

Carpenter’s insurance is the biggest scam of all time for the roofing industry…once again only the legit guys get screwed.

We are in the hudson valley,NY.Switched from the state fund(46%)to a independent self insured group at 33%.liability is 33%.The sate fund was always fair until this last years audit.They refused to break out different job duties for each employee.we had a foreman that worked on roof,siding and window jobs and they charged his entire salary of nearly 70k at roofers rates.With our premium for 7 employees for 06/07 and audit bal from 05/06 for 6 employees we are in 115k to the state fund this year.OUCH!

holy crap…that is exactly what they are doing to me in NY…they just gave me a bill of $56,000 due on jan.7th (hahahaha) ya…i keep that much cash on hand for their stupidity!!! give me the contact info for your new carrier!!!please !!!

I am in mass and I am paying 9.83% on all payroll including mine. So if I was a contractor and not a sub I would also be paying on profit, luckily I only get paid for labor, but it also lets the contractor’s break the salary up and pay comp rates for office worker’s and not for labor. much cheaper to get hurt in the office.

they wont let us do that in NY. if you work for a roofing company they say you are a roofer. if you drive or answer phones…you are a roofer and will pay 33.9% (before all the b.s. fees which bring it to 51%) i think i need to go to a new state!! :frowning:

Your all breaking my heart. Try working in the Peoples Republic of Maine. We have an annual crew payroll of nearly $500,000. The state average rate is around $49 per $100. We get a better rate for implementing an OSHA safety program; $42 PER $100. dO THE MATH.

It’s nearly impossible to stay in business for what small time outfits are willing to accept work for. We have guys doing strip and replace, 30 year Arch. shingles for $200 Sq. That’s ridiculous when you consider what insurance costs. The best thing anyone can do is go back to school to be a dentist. Roofing is only going to get more expensive and people are never going to want to pay for it.

Well it sound like most of you have the PROPER insurance for roofing. You know the “construction” style insurance does not cover you like a roofing policy would. If you are paying those types of rate like we are then you have the correct insurance and are not trying to cheat there way thru it. We are paying 43 per 100 if im not mistaken.

I wish our W/C was like that, instead we get screwed paying $.48 cents on the dollar for our payroll. Damn Florida, they know where they got us