Would like to change venting system

I’m in the middle of redoing my roof, and I’d like to remove the roof vents to clean up my roof. Right now I have a power roof vent in the middle of the roof, and the passive vents include five roof vents and two gable vents - one on each end of the house. I’d like to install a power vent at one of the gable vents (from the inside). Will I be okay with only one other gable vent for cross-ventilation, or will I need more passive vents? Can someone bracket the requirements?

My house is a 1400 sq ft ranch, 4by12 roof in SE Michigan. I’m laying light gray shingles. The fan I’m looking at requires 4 sq ft, runs 1140 cfm, and is designed for a 1630 max sq ft house.

Best case senario is to have ridge vent and some kind of soffit/eave vent. With all the snow in in your area I’d be really sketchy about ridge vent or a roof power vent on a 4/12. Your best bet is probably what you said and just use one gable with a fan to suck the air out and the other gable for and intake. Just my two cents.

More info here: werkheiserroofing.com/ventillation.html