Would someone post two photos

or if it is not too complicated explain how to do it of this home and give me input on shingles.

I looked at two roofs today done in BP shingles 3 tab both one 25 years one 35 years… Also looked at another roof not sure what kind thought it looked lousy, an uneven kind of thing to look like shakes to me looks like they are curling and uneven in a way that it looks 20 years old in a worn out way rather than other architectural stuff.

I should tell you the pitch not sure will find out tomrrow, people say low pitch do not use archittectural as you cannot see them but this home is for my mom when I get her to move out of the city and I want her to have the best I do see the roof a fair bit when I look from the street so would like some input from you pros.



Are you asking us to suggest how you should roof your home without even us seeing it at all ??

Even with pics … we might be able to suggest but there is nothing like an on site “PROFESSIONAL” inspection … Just my opinion … Is kinda like me saying i have a pain here what medicine do you suggest ??

could post two photos or tell me how if it is not too difficult.

I stood back on the road and you can see a fair bit of the roof so the first thing I think iif it should be the normal style that have been on homes for 30 years or one of the architectural styles and if they even suit a home that is 35 year old.