Wrong Shingles

I recently had a roof put on an investment property but the contractor put 20-year instead of 30-year shingles (contract calls for 30-year). He admitted that a mistake was made and has offered to credit $340 toward my final payment for differnece in the cost of the materials.

My issue is not the cost of materials but the fact that I’ve lost 10 years on the life of my roof for a measly $340! I plan to keep the property for my retirement (currently 34 yrs old) so in all likelihood I will need to replace the roof in 20 years rather than 30!

My question is how do I put a value on these 10 years. In otherwords what would be the correct amount to credit me to level the value that I’ve lost? I only want what’s fair and am not trying to gouge the contractor. I understand mistakes happen.

Also, I would rather just figure out a value than have the contractor go back on the roof to replace the shingles which will cost him money and give me a headache.

What are my options here? How much should I be credited to make things fair?

Wow, that’s a huge mistake. Keep in mind you’re losing 10yrs on underlayment and labor also.

SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO SAVE 340.00$ and was caught,my customers would insist on the letter of the contract being performed—how exactly do you make a mistake like that :roll:

I agree that is not a simple mistake. It is to large of a mistake to make. Personally it is not what the contract is so i would say you know what i want 30 year shingles. And dont do a lay over.

Tar Monkey makes a great point. It isn’t simply the difference in cost of the shingle. You have to look at the entire costs or damages. You would have paid the same for underlayment and labor. You now received substantially less value for those two costs. I wouldn’t let it go. I would either request more money or for them to replace the roof with what was stated on the contract.

Thats a huge screwup. Who the hell still uses 20 year shingles?? you couldnt find 20 year shingle anywhere around here. even Home Depot &Lowes dont carry 20 product. 25 is even rare.



There would be absolutly nothing wrong with a layover.

In your opinion maybee.


If it is a 20 year shingle they are 3-tabs.

I think he paid for a tear off. He should only have 1 layer of shingles on there. I dont even bother with recovers. Im into a 30 year shingle have a chance to stay there for 30 years. Not to cut its life close to in half. He should have it torn off and replaced. In 15 to 20 years he will be back at tear off because this guy cant tell the difference between 20 year shingles and 30 year. WTF how usless can you be.

thats a 50% mistake min. if you paid 10k for the roof i’d request a 5k credit.you’ll have to replace those 10 years earlier so you must calculate what the 10 years you lost is worth 20 years from now. i’d make him do it over period

You must calculate the money for roof distribution 30 years and this is the money for 1 year. Now have you price for roof a 10 years.

absolutly 100% refund or make them tear it off and do it right. thats like buying a corvette but getting a ford focus and some money with the sales man saying “whoops!” i wouldnt accept it, i hope none of you would accept it, and i would never make my customer pay for that if it happened. i would probably fire who ever made the mistake, and tear it off. for crap sake…who doesnt have a cell phone to make a call and question that.

Total shingle tear off & re-roofing.

It is a LOT more than just the diff. in cost, it’s the labor costs for a tear off 10 years too early (& we all know a 20 year roof lasts a lot less than 20 years in a lot of cases).

I’d be suspect as to what else he missed on or didn’t do per the contract.

Did the contract state “remove all felt”? Chances are this wasn’t done correctly or to specs.

Definitely seems to me as if this is a crappy roofer. You sure it’s a roofer & not a handyman or carpenter? I have yet to meet one of those two who knew a lick about proper roofing.


Fiqure out what you would be happy with. Then present this to the contractor.

To have him tear off the roof is extreme. You can find a financial solution that lets you use this roof for the next 20 years.

Lefty, I disagree.

It’s not like he asked for a steep slope ridge cap & got 3T instead; this is a lot more involved as far as product.

What about the neighborhood? Is this a predominantly Dimensional kinda area? You’d sure hate to be the only 20 year roof in a 30 year area.

Then there’s the assumption that he’d get about 7 - 10 more years (ideally) out of his roof before having to spend on a new roof?

Mr. Customer, what kind of roof did you have before? Was it a 3T or Dim? Sorry, but I don’t agree with you, Lefty.

I dont agree either lefty. If you did that you would go for the lease ammount of work/money you could. Well its not on the contract therefore he should not have to pay for what he DID not want. 10 year of life on a roof. Lets say the roof cost him 6000.00 then he should get a 2k credit for the 10 years he lost. Or tear it off and do it per the contract. We have paperwork that the guys have to ensure the correct shingle and colors are installed the first time. ANy good company would have this in place to confirm the products correct color and type. SInce he can not read what he sold he should be held accountable for his actions.

My opinion have him remove what he did and do it the correct way, the way you agreed to on the contract. The price of the 30 year vs the 20 more than likely IKO (i think they still make a 20 year, that will last about 9 to 13 years) is not the point. a 20 year shingle is chit. I cant even buy a 20 year shingle. So you have to put that into the mix also. What did he use? Did he install it correctly? Is he a man of honor and fix the problem whatever the cost?

I dont know bout you guys but i would have the roof removed and put what they wanted on it. But hey i love customer service and always leave with the customer happy. Maybe its my pride in what i do. I would surely not try and barter down the problem with money. Thats not the point. Anyone thinking so well you sjhould have done the job correctly not to have to do the job twice.


If you would listen to the Recentroof. He said he did not want it torn off. He wanted a Dollar amount to settle this.

For people so customer service oriented. You sure do not listen to the customer.

Its the right thing to do.

Ok we will do the way lefty want then.

Cut a third of the roofs payment off. SInce you lost 10 years.

I would demand it to be done correctly and per the contract but hey what do i know.

lefty… what we are saying is…even if the homeowner wantesd a monetary difference. in our bussinss ethics we would make it right as spec. in the contract even if it meant we do it the right way. there is no price on my reputatioon, and in the long run the homeowner would appreciate me more if i did it right.