bid this one today. couldnt keep from LOLing



didnt get a pic of it, but the edges were cut back RIGHT at the 1x2s no drip edge. water was running in everywhere. everything was rotten. the valleys are all leaking. the entire garage ceiling was caved in… and the house is for sale. “as-is”. lol

nice. I always love seeing a plumbing vent shingled like that. it makes my day.

what kind of shingles are those that have wide and skinny rows??new brand or sumtin??..%between%http://www.smileyshut.com/smileys/new/Thinking/thinking-006.GIF



Does alot better job than most with two eyes

It is a variation on the Dutch-Lap. :smiley:

LOL I like the thread title :mrgreen:

He must have had extra shingles to use up. :roll:

How do people get rows so uneven like that? Paper has lines on it for reference, I guess if you can’t follow those a chalk line won’t do you any good either. Good thing these people aren’t painting our road lines.

looks old enough to when ya didnt need felt.

people pay extra for racing stripes :!: