Xactimate August Price Download

I just downloaded the August Price List from Xactware. Re-priced two recent estimates for claims that were primarily roof, both 30 year arches. One 35 SQ, the other one around 80 SQ. Was I ever SHOCKED!

Despite price increases in the past few weeks of approximately 14% in shingles, the 35 SQ job went down around $650 and the 80 SQ job went down over $1,100. Due to the extensive damage in Alabama in April, labor prices haven’t decreased in the least, they have clearly increased due to the supply and demand.

I sent a rather flaming email to Xactware pricing department requesting an explanation, I wish I could say I expected a reasonable response. On the contrary, given this travesty of an attempt to represent fair market pricing, I expect either no response or some BS spin which will most certainly be an insult to my intelligence.

I am rapidly reaching the point where I can find little justification for paying (2) $1500 yearly licensing fees to Xactimate unless my objective is to achieve bankruptcy.

Oddly enough, and completely unexplainable, I repriced an estimate for the Indianapolis market we just completed and got approved. This 61 SQ roof increased by over $600 with the new price download. While this hardly catches up the material price increases, it obviously is more desirable than the results I found with the Alabama pricing. I’m somehow trying to understand how this could be??? The Alabama market has a surplus of work and a shortage of labor. The Indianapolis market is relatively flat with minimal storm activity this year aside from a hail storm in a community of 20,000 30 miles SE. The actual material price increases have been less in Indianapolis and the labor market is stable.

Now if I were an insurance company and I wanted to save money overall while attempting to make a token demonstration that my pricing is fair, I’d increase the pricing in markets with little activity and decrease it in the areas where the greatest number of claims are being filed. Who cares if you pay an increase of 5% on 10,000 claims if you can decrease the prices by 5% on 1,000,000 claims?

FWIW, while it doesn’t appear to have much of an impact, I would recommend that every contractor here who is paying Xactimate for one or more licenses should take the time to send an email to their pricing department complaining about their pricing practices and making them aware they are risking your future business if they continue along the path they’ve chosen over the past few months. I’m not optimistic about much coming of this but one never knows. For anyone interested in sending an email, you may do so to pricing@xactware.com

im sold on the fact that no real world research goes into this thing and they just pull number out of the air. we got about $8 a square extra here which was the same as last month. materials have gone up about 18 a sq since may and labor 10 a sq just to keep the guys coming to build and my guys have been with me for a few years and moved for me 4 times, i was sitting on about 30 deals to supplement this week for the new pricing.

empire, take the same amount of time you took to respond to my post to send at least a brief complaint to Xactware at the email address I provided. It can’t hurt, it may help. Thanks!

Oh no! Have you seen any areas where the pricing was fair or better, yet, AD?

I was really hoping at least that pricing was at least fair on an item by item basis. I know we don’t get all the items approved that we should, but now this!

You have me trying to catch my breath AD… payed 1500 this week for xactimate and sounds like you are now saying its not worth it, lol… i just compared a 25 sq roof i had priced with last month pricing and updated to new pricing and it went from 7690 to 7610 so it dropped just a little, not enough to notice… i guess every market is different… hopefully i will get a lot of use of xactimate. I was trying to decide if it was worth $1500 but all it takes is one or two insurance jobs and i could make all the money back i spent on it with the extra money with the line items that the adjusters like to leave out…

How on earth is it dropping??? That has to be some reflection of labor - but it seems like materials just go up up up.

So? Isn’t their pricing an ‘average’? Input your pricing. Not doing so is like going to a home owner and saying " I want to do your roof. Set my price for me and I’ll do it for what you want to pay."

Where do you input your pricing?

“Where do you input your pricing?”
I don’t use it. I just give Ins. my price. Two or three members here have explained in detail where the figures go.

From another thread "I have worked with many adjusters, including State Farm adjusters, and have never had a problem with them paying our cost. I am a State Farm policy holder myself and I have read my policy and no where does it tell me I have to settle for a lower priced contractor. I have had a State Farm adjuster this Spring take my estimate and write a check on the spot for the amount of my estimate based upon my pricing, not Xactimate. I use Xactimate simply because it helps communication with adjusters. Xactimate will tell you themselves that their pricing is a mid-range price for any particular area and you can expect 50% of the contractors to be higher and 50% to be lower. You can read that for yourself in the Xactware white paper titled “Roofing prices within Xactimate.” The paper talks about roofing but it is just as applicable to all other trades as each contractor’s pricing is going to be different based upon their different business models. "

Search through all the Exactimate threads here.

BigFootRoofing, I am not saying you shouldn’t use Xactimate. Obviously, I am frustrated with them. I spent quite a bit of time with one of their people from the pricing department today. I think I am more frustrated. From my understanding, they are essentially using labor rates from surveys in mid-June and material prices surveyed no later than mid-July. He said they are expecting, for example, the new OSHA safety rules to start impacting upcoming price downloads. Regardless of all of his rationalization, I basically told him he was full of chit and I gave him ample examples why. He committed (whatever that means) to promptly do some additional surveys to see if they missed anything. He even asked me my pricing to include in the survey. LOL

With all that said, I’m not making any substantial changes in the short term future. We make very adequate profits using Xactimate and will continue to do so. However, this type of crap motivates me to look more and more at alternatives. The other thing though is, if enough people provide input and complain, I do believe they will make changes.

Exactimate Pricing Thread

tinner, how many insurance jobs do you work each year?

As few as possible. I dodge many, but certain clients want me only, so I give my price and get it.

BTW, doing one tomorrow. Repeat client, tree damage, the agent will pay afterwards. She and I butted heads enough times to ‘trust’ each other. For some reason, SF sends me to clients and has quit quibbling too.

What I thought. We have different business models. Were I doing a handful of insurance jobs per year, I wouldn’t bother with Xactimate. Doing 500+ makes it rather difficult to do without it. It is a tool that fits a need for us and to a certain extent, it works well. I’ve used computers for 20 years now. They don’t always work the way I want them, I get angry, I consider throwing them through the window. But they still make me money so I tolerate the irritations. I’ve yet to see a perfect tool. I reserve the right to bitch and moan about each and every one. :smiley:

I know what you mean. I don’t need Ins work. If my phone didn’t ring again this year, I’d probably be happy.
It’s an uphill battle with the Ins cos. Whenever they insist I go back to remeasure the roof or something, I add another $200. or so for my trouble. Sometimes, these add-ons will get near $2K before they decide to quit hassling me.

BTW, I DO believe the posts here and elsewhere that DO say you can put your pricing in exactimate. How can somebody else tell you what you need to make? Or want to make?
That’s why I posts those quotes and links. I do believe Extimate uses ‘middle of the road’ pricing. THere were quite a few posts here about their white paper.

tinner, if I didn’t care about the insurance jobs and selectively took them from HO’s who were insisting I did the work, I’d do things totally different. Of course I can put my own pricing in Xactimate. But when the insurance companies typically don’t agree to scope and pay all the line items they legitimately should, what makes you think they’ll agree to pay my pricing? Now if I knew every one of my Customers would be willing to be patient while I negotiate and would tell the insurance company they are insistent on using my company when they get the inevitable call telling them we’re too high and they need to get 3 bids, I’d do things differently. Doing 10 insurance jobs per year, it’s easy to be rather non chalant about it as it clealry isn’t that important to your bottom line. Doing 500 per year that is 95% of your total business, I have different things to consider.

Like I said, you’re business model is obviously different than our own. From everything I’ve read, you clearly know what you’re doing and you do it well. Why would I want to try to create a company to compete with guys like you? That’s kind of like the old saying in poker, i.e., you may be the 10th best poker player in the world, but if you happen to be sitting at the table with the 9 best poker players in the world, you’re in big trouble. LOL

True enough Dad. I just don’t know the real answer to get those jokers to ‘get real’. I wish I did.
It’s also true about different business models too. Mine is 180 degrees different. I just found today when trying to locate material for a non-insurance job that I’m the 8th. bidder. I know one is at $5,500. and I’m not sure if $6,500. will be enough for my bid. I might have to go higher still before sending in a quote.