Xactimate Estimate Example

I’ve had a few requests for Xactimate examples. Here’s one that also has interior. Just signed this one up and completed the estimate. It has about everything so I thought it would be a good example. I apologize, it isn’t in order but not that hard to sort out.


Here is one page from the RoofSnap report I put together for this one.

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Do you EVER match Line Item for Line Item and lay out exactly as Adjuster has in their SOL? I’ll assume your line item notes are included for submission to insurance and not necessarily for our information only? I often get Insurance trying to pay for Replace Only and not the removal. Bundling that under the roof tear-off. What is your argument/counter argument to that?.

The notes are built into my macro and are in every estimate we submit. My estimate is what I believe it should be, not to match a scope. We try to go to every adjuster meeting with our estimate in hand. I don’t get too catfight up in the remove portion of the line item not being on the scope. There are usually bigger fish to fry.

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By matching scope I meant something along these lines, I tend to start with the insurers scope and add/edit based on my findings. The layout of my estimate I match to the insurers for ease of readability for them.
I then add a category, SUPPLEMENTS, which is where I put everything new added above and beyond the insurers scope. I’ve found it just lessens their need to scour my estimate trying to identify differences. I like your idea though.

I really appreciate this.I think your layout allows for less confusion when jumping from item to item during discussion and keep everything centered in one area. Just completed my first macro and really like the layout. Also, your waste calculation worksheet is awesome (we have a bit in common there (detail)). Do you send the entire worksheet? And is the only input are in columns A-J? Or do we also input into Columns V-AE Authentic Roof Waste calculation Worksheet Results. It’s quite the worksheet, I appreciate your efforts.

I send the entire worksheet. I cut and paste my roof report into page 2. The rest of the sheet completes the arguments you are trying to make for your estimate. Yes, the ONLY input you should make is on the first page. Upper right hand corner for the claim number, then follow the blanks outlined in green. Everything else is filled based on Excel calculations.

Authentic_Dad when it comes to the “roof supervision” line item what do you provide the insurance company to get that approved? OSHA regulation? Do you ever have an resistance with the step flashing? Were in Ohio and always have an issue getting that approved if it wasnt “damaged by the storm”

Residential Supervision is a tough one to get approved. I refer to the Xactimate White Paper on overhead and profit. It occasionally gets approved and even if it doesn’t, it is something the adjuster can take credit for turning down. They’re always going to deny something. We get resistance on step flashing all the time. They resist anything they can, nothing new there.

I recently attended a GAF conference where I received a refresher. I am no GAF installer but the information is always valuable.

Here, in my area you need to build to code but also to manufacturer specifications (warrantable roof). You must remove the flashing in order to install ice barrier at the parapet walls (beneath & behind) the flashing & step flashing.

See you manufacturer installation instructions and or tech sheets. It’s pretty difficult not to damage flashing when shingles are installed beneath them and nailed through. Once you bend flashing you you violate it’s integrity and cannot return it to it’s original condition.

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Is there any worksheets that you could send me that would benefit to supplementing and justifying certain items with adjusters? I am a new member here but have checked here every once in a while for tips and updates on what’s going on in the roofing/insurance world. I’ve been reading more often on here seeing as I have more responsibility in the company now. There is a lot of really good things I see on here. Gd to see people willing to help educate others. Were all in this together. Thank you for all of your contribution!

Please forgive me if I am going about it the wrong way. Thanks again


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Do a search in the Roofing Business section on supplementing. I posted 2 rather extensive threads, specifically on supplementing, a few years ago.

Below are images of a supplement I sent in recently. Reasonably simple actually. Describe the supplemental item you’re requesting. Why you’re requesting it or why it is justified. And a picture to support your statements. In general, if you don’t have a picture, don’t bother. Pictures are dollars.

I also highly recommend Snagit software. You can crop out screen shots and put in the annotations you see easily. Most valuable supplementing tool I use. Around $50. I think Techsmith is the Parent company.

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Excellent! I try to add as much info as possible with as many pictures as possible so that the adjuster doesn’t have to call for questions. Its amazing how much of everyone’s time they like wasting including their own. Thanks for the advice and examples! I hear about your waste calc. do you have it available on here in another post? Does it calculate for all types of roofs? Thanks again!

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There is a thread in the roofing business forum where you can get my waste calculator.

As an adjuster, once we pay for tear off of the roof, it’s more difficult to justify adding a line item to tear off the underlayment. The underlayment and related items, such as vents, drip edge, etc., are all going to come off at the same time as the roof. All the items are a related event and consequently many insurance companies are not going to pay for the individual item removal.

Hi, roof estimate and calculator examples below,

Roof Estimate and Calculator click.

I’m not sure what your talking about, I don’t understand why it would be that difficult to add something to an insurance claim when it is justified.

The Xactimate removal for comp shingles include a dumpster for the shingles. The vents, drip edge etc… are not included, so technically a separate dumpster should be included for anything that is not a comp shingle.

If the drip edge, vents are screwed down, then R&R is more then justified instead of just replace because they need to be backed out. Otherwise if you remove them in the same manner as the shingles then the decking will get damaged. Also, the removal of the pipe flashing is a vertical movement vs the horizontal or side to side movement of the shingle removal. It maybe a related event in the respect that it is a roof tear off and replacement but that the similarities end. As AD said in his post. The starter, cap shingles have a different labor rate and therefore should be estimated as such.

I think all adjusters should work a season or two in the trades roofing, framing, electrical, plumbing and concrete before they are allowed to estimate a claim.

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The IRC says if flashing is damaged or rusted it must be replaced…I het step flashing approved all the time for rust based on code compliance.

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Would you happen to have a updated xactimate available? New to this and was wondering on how often they update prices? mike.roofmastersplus@aol.com is my email if you have any additional info I could use. Thanks!