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I have been looking for roofing macros for a while now. I live in Indiana and am new to the industry. I have to say i enjoy my new job, and love being my own boss. If there’s any help you guys can offer me I could really use it. While the new to the industry I’m not new to business. Love the posts thank you all

Send me an email to gashingle@gmail.com. I have a very extensive macro you may find useful that I can send your way.


Hi, could you please forward me your macro as well.


Those posts are a year old, may not still be around. Macros are incredibly easy to put together, just review some online info or an Xactimate White paper and make your own.

Indiana… oldest building codes in the book

Not sure how that is germane to this conversation but you are correct.

Just something to keep in mind and spend some time educating yourself on as somebody new to the insurance restoration industry. It is beneficial information to know for both writing estimates in Xactimate form and also being an advocate for the homeowner while meeting/speaking with the adjuster. Especially in Indiana. I hope this can help you understand the reason behind my last comment on this thread authentic_dad.

It doesn’t, really. The only significant change from 2003 to now I can think of is drip edge. So I’m still missing your point. Sorry.

So if I correctly understand the point you are trying to make with the last two replys on this thread (responses to my first & only post, but null and of no benefit to the actual topic of this thread):

As somebody new to this industry, in regards to dealing, negotiating & coming to mutual agreements with the insurance provider that favor the best interest of your homeowner… you don’t need to educate yourself on the basic state & local building codes.

Okay, so now put yourself into the shoes of this topics author (read it again if you need to)… the adjuster just totaled the roof, there is no existing drip/gutter apron, there is no existing ice & water in the valleys, there is step flashing. He/she says to you, “I’ll pay for the roof, but no drip, I&W or step flashing because it’s not code.” This is assuming you are experienced enough to know that a proper roofing system requires these components. How would you respond?

If nothing else; my original post, that was according to you, not germane to the conversation, as simple as it may have sounded… could easily plant a seed in the author’s mind that potentially leads to them looking more into it, which then leads to them actually having the ability to legitmately rebuttle the above question.

Your first response to me on the other hand, serves absolutely zero benefit or relevance to the topic of this thread, making it the literal definition of not germane.

The only significance to Indiana having stuck to 2003 IRC is that he would not have drip edge in his macro in the buildings code section. His question was related to not having macros not how to respond to an adjuster denying valid line items. If you wish to expand on the topic and offer coaching on that topic, feel free. The OP posted a year ago so it is likely irrelevant to him.

Fair enough.

On a final note in regards to this -

R905.5.1 Roof covering application - Roof covering shall be applied in accordance with applicable provisions of this section and manufacturers installation instructions. This is why drip is included in my macro, as per requirement to install drip edge/gutter apron by all major manufacturers. In my case, platinum preferred with OC.

Nonetheless, thanks for taking the time in responding to my posts even though my initial post may have been off topic. Will make sure any response is thought out and more than a single vague sentence from now on.

You must be reading different installation manuals than I have.

Oh. Mmkay.

It’s why I can sell a platinum preferred warranty. That’s lifetime manufacturer AND workmanship. Do you have the ability to even offer this? Please stop trying to undermine me, it is getting you nowhere.

That’s one. Unless that brand is on the roof presently, that dog won’t hunt. Undermine you? LMAO. Don’t flatter yourself pal.

Haha - ay ay captain

Same goes for all major manufacturers, Pal.

So, instead of wasting your time firing off responses to me, maybe take some time to refresh your knowledge on this subject first.

I get it, you’re old school and possibly stuck in your ways - this is an ever evolving Industry though. You must do your due diligence to keep up to date and informed within all aspects of it. You probably still think HAAG considers a fractured mat the main factor in Hail compromising the integrity of shingle.

If everything you are saying is genuine and not simply out of spite, I have no problem sharing original-final scopes that were approved using this verbiage (I have many for all original Roof manufacturers).

Other than that, I see no further reason to entertain you since you’ve somehow managed to dumb this entire thread down to a spiteful dick measuring contest without providing any sort of evidence behind your remarks.

I am old school, no problem. You must be a moron millennial. Sorry, based upon what you’ve posted thus far, I don’t see how there is anything you could show me that would teach me anything. The requirement for drip edge is not in every manual, that I know. You can believe what you want kid.

Oh my, awesome! Thank god you responded, tonight has been pretty boring thus far.

I appreciate that you are old school. Now, what makes you think I am a “moron millennial” or worthy of calling “Kid?” Do you know who I specifically am? Is this because I called you “old school?”

Supposedly, you consider yourself a big dog in the Indiana market, am I wrong?

As my last response states, I am not willing to entertain remarks that hold zero weight. Like I said, do you know who I am? Specifically? So… hush please.

Oddly enough, I expected more out of your last response to me. I have come to enjoy our daily dispute. Unfortunately, all you are able to provide me with as of late is nonsense… your last response (along with the 2 prior) was completely unrelated to this topic.

You must understand, it is not easy for me to respond to somebody who cannot back up anything they say, especially when it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Is this not the reason because of which you felt obligated to respond: "Not sure how that is germane to this conversation but you are correct."

It’s funny to me… since I have followed this website for quite a long time now, having read most of everything you have posted in the past… It pretty much discredits anything you have ever said without providing some sort of solid evidence behind it.

To be completely honest:

That’s Too Bad.

Please don’t respond unless you have something beneficial to this thread (If you want to continue this little ‘thing’ we have going on… feel free to message or email me directly. It goes without saying, but you are making yourself look like a complete jackass my friend).

No I don’t know who you are. Why would I? More importantly, I don’t care. You sound like that idiot from Texas that used to post here.

Have a nice day, and life, I’m not going to waste my time with a troll.