Xactimate pricing for haul-off

I recently called the insurance company to let them know the dump fees were a lot higher than normal in the county I was working in. They allowed the cost of my fee at the landfill but then took off ALL of the haul-off allowance. What is the break down for: Dump fees, hauling and disposal. Why do they only pay of the take-off amount and not the 10% waste left after installing the new roof?

Click on the price and drill into the breakdown. It lists the components making up the total price.

Thank you for responding.
I don’t have xactimate. Do you know what percentage the dump fee is compared to the total amount allowed for tear off. They allowed ~$50 for tear off which includes Dump fees, hauling,disposal and labor
Now the allowance is: ~30(No haul off) At 210 SQ I lost ~$2,000
I had only called to let them know the dump fees were higher than normal and might be a supplemental to the NORMAL tear off allowance.

You took a job at $210 per square?

$434 per square - 4 stories - two layers - boom -

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Now I see where you got 210. The job was 210 squares - Apt.Bldg

Kewl. You should be able to afford an xactimate license then.

Apparently you"ve never had to pay for extended cancer treatments, hospital rooms, prescriptions, doctors bills, home nursing, etc. for a loved one. That also doesn’t count the countless hours away from my business/appointments which affect income. But that’s what an, “Authentic_Dad”, does for his Authentic dad.
Thank you for all of your invaluable advice and helpful information.

I don’t think he was being derogatory to you. Asing experts opinions sometimes can bring unpleasant answers. He is right though. If you can figure out the program you might have been able to make an extra 6k somehow.

Pianoman, what is you are expecting or think you’re entitled to from me? How would I know the % breakdowns? You didn’t even give a location/zip code which is how Xactimate does their pricing.

I’m simply saying if you’re going to do insurance work, you need to understand the nuances of how to properly do insurance work. If you do, it can be very profitable. If you don’t, it can cause you to tear your hair out and lose money. It really is that simple. Xactimate is a necessary tool in doing insurance work the same as a hammer is for installing a roof. Would you ask the Homeowner to borrow their ladder and nail gun in order to install a roof?

Below is the breakdown for removal of a 3 tab shingle in the Raleigh NC market. Does that answer your question? Frankly, I don’t think you even asked the question correctly and you clearly didn’t provide enough information regardless. I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties but I tried to help and apparently that wasn’t good enough for you.

There are Xactimate classes available that run from $1500 to $3000. Plus over $2000 for the yearly license fee. However, you should have made at least $25K on a 210 SQ job instead of losing $2K. That’s a $27K difference. Buy Xactimate and take the training and you still have $23K left over. Don’t bite my head off because you made a poor business decision. I’ve spent countless hours posting things here AT NO FREAKING charge trying to help fellow contractors. Thanks for motivating me to continue doing so.

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