Xactimate Question

Hello Everyone First post. Ive enjoyed reading all your great info and comments on different topic. Could someone please help me with what Xactimate would be per square on a tear off 3 tab, 3 tab 25 year back on,2 story 6/12, Mechanicsville Va 23111 Im not sure what else would be helpful but 3 vent pipes, 120’ ice and water, 17 squares, no ridge vent, no chimney.


I would like to help but xactimate 27 does not find Mechanicsville Va 23111

Thanks for the help Stormer How about Richmond Va 23231 instead

Sure, for a fee! :slight_smile:

As much as I pay for this software, I’m not really willing to just give out information. It’s way too valuable.

try Estimate pro low cost and very user friendly, contact me if you are interestes

here is that accual thred hope this helps and is alot less expensive. If interested please pm and me and please include a phone number.

Respectfully GTP 2003