Xactimate remote access?

Xactimate is sold as a license per computer (not per user). I have it installed on a desktop computer in my office so we call all use it. I find I often need access to it while on the road or working from home. I had considered installing it on my laptop instead of the office desktop but then the others would not have easy access to it. Does anyone know if there is a feature in the program or a way I can access this program remotely or from other computers, other than buying 2 - 3 licensees at $ 1,800 a piece.

Any advice or ideas are appreciated.

Have your IT guy set up a VPN on your dual location computers, so that you can share access to the main computers data and programs from remote locations.


Go to “LogMeIn.com” or “GoToMyPC.com” You can access your office desktop from any other computer as if you were right there in the office.