Xactimate vs. RoofSnap

Why wouldn’t presenting a RoofSnap bid and sketch be as effective as presenting a Xactimate bid and sketch at justifying the cost to perform work?

My Snaps have every line item from underlayment staples to ridgecap included in the bid.

I think it’s because most claim approval decisions are made from afar. At one time, adjusters used to work the local market and had some familiarity with pricing and local trade practices, not anymore. Xactimate is their new bible and the indisputable knowledge base serving to guide the biological claims processing units frequently dispatched to the field (Maybe a bit of resentful sarcasm there) by the mothership hive. Just another example of how we are rushing to be like robots I guess? Asking an adjuster to independently interpret data assumes the insurance company permits them to do so. Sorta sucks because Xactimate is a horribly cumbersome and expensive “parts list” tool being “gamed” by far too many contractors who have the savvy to bloat claims. In our region they do so at least.