Do you guys in the insurance replacement business use Xactimate when bidding jobs? I have looked into it, but it seems that the ins co uses the same software and with that forces you to stick to that price. Often times I could not do a roof for what the insurance company is willing to pay with these prices. What methods do you guys generally use when dealing with insurance companies to negotiate a price you could actually live with. Any help would be appreciated.

we use Xactimate on EVERY job. when the insurance isnt allowing enough, you simply add other line items for dumpster fees, non-access, 2 story, steep, and whatever other charges you can find.

i have yet to find a insurance bid from a bigger company (unlike farm bureau, they are horrible) that doesnt allow me to make a fair profit on the insurance money + deductible alone.

plus, i almost always sell upgrades in shingle type, better ventilation, underlayment, etc. at the customers expense.

If the adjuster has accurately put in each line item that is needed, there is no reason that you cant make a profit with Xactimate. It is 9 times out of 10 higher on each line item than what a roofer will actually charge or need.

Hi, Where would be the best place to purchase Xactimate software and instructions ect…Have never used it but I have an interest in easing into the sales end of business so any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

i got my direct from Xactware:


If you understand how to properly put an Xactimate estimate together, there should be plenty of profit in a roof bid. The only possible exception might be a smaller roof, 22 squares or below, with 3 tab and no steep or high charges. Even there, you should be able to make 25 to 30% profit.

The key is to make sure you have every line item that is possibly applicable in the Xactimate.

I don’t know what profits you are seeking but if you aren’t satisfied with the Xactimate pricing, you have the option of changing the line item price to whatever you want it to be. If you don’t like $186 per square for replacing a 30 year composition shingle (or whatever the price list is locally), click on the button in the line item entry area and change it to whatever you want it to be. That generally won’t fly with the insurance but it sounds like your issue is bidding cash jobs so it shouldn’t matter.

To my knowledge, the ONLY place to legally purchase it is through Xactimate. You can purchase it by the month, quarter or year with the year being the lowest per month cost.

You will find minimal help in the way of instructions. Xactimate offers training courses at different major cities around the country.

I have had Xactimate for 3 years now. Up until a few months ago it was actually not that bad price wise. For $115 a month you got two installs. Now for $125 a month you only get one install. There is also a one time $250 fee when you join up.

It’s really easy to get into good money when you learn how to use Xactimate. Before Xactimate I’d gather as many insurance paperworks as possible and just made my own price list always trying to include as many line items as possible. Here’s the trick though, make sure to do everything you charge for!

Found that most insurance companies who use Xactimate will pay for most line items but some will not. One adjuster called Xactimate Xaggerate. Another adjuster said he uses Xactimate but won’t pay it’s $400 a square for a walker one layer tear off. Instead on that job he paid $330 a square which was still plenty good enough for a job that only had a couple hits from 3/4 inch hail, 55 squares, gable to gable 6/12.

There was only one time I came in higher than Xactimate and it was when I didn’t have time to bid all my leads so could name my price. The other issue was the roof was a two sided gable roof that didn’t have very many line items to charge.