You told me about IKO, now tell me about GAF Camelot II

I’m back…laid up in bed after foot surgery and still trying to figure out these stupid shingles! To recap, here’s my house:

After a ton of looking, I think I have settled on the GAF Camelot shingles for my new roof. The roofing company owner keeps trying to steer me towards the Camelot II shingles. He says they are half the price of the original Camelot and a good value. The only issue is there’s not really a color in Camelot II that I am crazy about…more color choices are offered in Camelot according to the GAF site. I have not seen the Camelot colors in person on a board as he does not have those samples. He does have Camelot II sample boards.

Any comments on the difference in quality between Camelot and Camelot II? Is it true that the price difference is double? Is it worth the extra cost? Any other thoughts are certainly welcomed and appreciated.

If it is not double it should be. We have done two Camelot jobs, 7 bundles a square very pretty shingle. I like the idea of Camelot II being similar look but less weight. Twice the cost of Timberline HD.

We are gunners BTW and the Designer Series need to be hand nailed for the best install.

I am not a huge fan of Camelott II. They cost a lot of money and will not last longer than any other laminate shingle. So basically your paying extra for the look. I do not know where you are located but I would highly recommend the Malarkey Legacy shingle. You will pay less and get more for your money. The shingles are modified (made with SBS Rubber) and are class 4 impact resistant. I am not Malarkey salesman or anything, I just think they offer the best product out there.

**Any comments on the difference in quality between Camelot and Camelot II? **

Camelot is a heavier, longer lasting shingle and has a wider variety of colors available. It was GAF’s original Camelot style shingle but so expensive that
GAF decided to come out with the Camelot II “value” line a couple years ago. A designer style at a fraction of the original price.

Is it true that the price difference is double?

Material/Install prices will differ depending on region… The difference in material is aprox. $40.00 a square more for Camelot II and $160.00 a square more for Camelot shingles over the standard architectural asphalt shingle. Expect to pay more for the install also.

** Is it worth the extra cost?**

Depends on what you want. Ascetically the original “Camelot” has a thicker profile which gives it more texture and as you already know has a wider color variety. At a difference of $120.00 per square for just the materials alone I’d say the Camelot II is probably your best “value”.

Any other thoughts are certainly welcomed and appreciated.

If you like the look of a Camelot then I’d suggest taking a look at possibly the Certainteed Highland Slate (cheaper than Camelot II) or the Certainteed Grand Manor (cheaper than Camelot).

*edit BTW if you’re willing to shell out big bucks for the original Camelot shingle then I would suggest looking into Certainteed Presidential TL; IMO it would look great on your style house.

Thank you all very much for your replies. I’ve been wrestling with this shingle selection for longer then I care to admit. There’s always some kind of problem.
At this point, I think it’s between the Camelot II and Highland Slate. There’s just no realistic way to do the orginal Camelot. Too heavy and too pricey. But, I don’t really care for any of the colors in Camelot II. And I’m not sure Highland Slate will look that good on my house…I like more of a texture to a shingle.

BTW, cannot get Malarkey in my area. And I was considering the Presidential shingles for awhile…went and looked at two house that had them. But then I just thought they were a little too much for me.

Thanks again!!!