Your thoughts

Measured a roof today. 4/12 pitch epdm roof. Past winter H/O had two occurences of ice and snow sliding off. H/O would rather not tear off her $10,000 nice looking roof. Our thoughts are to reroof. We would use flintlastic, with the sticky base. We would have to plate and screw the base because of existing iso board.
The question is: What do you think of sticking the base to the epdm?

I think if its a perfectly good roof you should 5" some pieces of drip edge down to act as a snow guards and save the lady a ton of dough.


Some people only know how to put on new roofs. I have seen plenty of perfectly good roofs torn off.

I would put show catchers on. This is what they are made for.

hey, first post. hope I can help.
there are some snow guards out there that you can apply with epdm seam tape.
this site has some.
I have never used this particular brand but I have used some like this with good success.
I recommend you stagger two rows about 1.5 feet from each other on the slope and spaced about 3’ on each row.
This is would assume the EPDM is fully adhered.

I tried the snowbird route. Just tailoring the sale to the H/O wants and needs. I’m not a big fan of reroofs. In this case, its the way to go.

We can give her a price for the snowbirds.

We could give her price to fix her neighbor’s roof too.

But she doesn’t want to pay for either of those.

I must have misunderstood when you said she doesn’t want to tear off her nice $10000.00 roof.
So she wants you to screw a thousand fasteners through it instead?
No you cant adhere the base to the epdm if you must reroof a good roof.