Zinc strips to prevent moss

I just read an article in the newspaper about using zinc strips to prevent moss on roofs.

I went to Lowes, who didn’t know what I was talking about.

Can you refer me to a website that shows what they are and how to use them?

I cleaned the moss off 2 weeks ago and it is starting to come back already. I need some help!


its one place…gives ya idea.

They aren’t very eye appealing.

The zinc strips are for the black bacteria that you see on the roofs.I dont think its for moss growing on your shingles.But I could be wrong.

It stops algae and moss…supposedly,IMO there a waste of time and money,seen houses with zinc still have moss and algae…go figure :roll:

You have to seperate your shingles,the first full row down from the cap.Slide the zinc strip under the shingle leaving some of zinc strip exposed so water can run over the zinc causing it to cote your shingles over time.If your shingles already have moss on them it could be time for a new roof.


its one place…gives ya idea.[/quote]

Perfect, thanks.

A follow up question…
They are installed with nails with rubber washers. Is that reliably leakproof?

I use lead coated roofing nails and i run them along ridges with 1/4 of roll under ridge cap so you dont even see nail if its already roofed do it like dave63028 said…


Here are zinc strips.


You can get them at your local roofing supplier.

Shingle Shield is popular in my area but there are other equivalent products.

I see them more in the south than we do in Indiana, but if you have moss already on there, you can still pressure wash that and still install the strips. Unless the shingles are just so brittle and old, then i would replace the roof.

How did you remove the moss?